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Genevieve’s birth was to be my last before I went on maternity leave. You’ll remember her stunning beach maternity shoot. I went on call at night and kept my ringer up as usual. Being that she’s a first time mom, I *generally* don’t expect early babies, but you never know. The next morning, around mid-morning, I suddenly realize I have no network coverage (Cell-C). I get this instinctual gut check. Even though it can be days or even weeks that I don’t hear from a client while I’m on call. Still, I text Genevieve right away. I sms something like “Just realized I have no network coverage, and I don’t know how long that’s been. Just checking in since I’m on-call”

She sends back a photo of Kylo.

I was devastated. In the span of the apparently 10 hours that my phone was off network, her water suddenly broke and she delivered shortly after. It was the first birth I have ever missed. I was sick to my stomach for days about it. I profusely apologized. She was so gracious with me, but it only highlights more how a birth is a once in a life time event. One that can not be restaged. I went to take some immediate photos that day and then went for his newborn shoot about a week later.

Since then I have put into place a plan. I carry with me a back up phone on a separate network (Vodacom) just to be sure I’m available on two networks. I give clients both numbers, and my husband’s mobile phone, just to be safe. I never ever want to miss another birth on the account of not being reachable.

Here’s Kylo just hours new.

The cutest little thing, with that stunning red hair!

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I came for a newborn shoot with Harper the day after she was born! Isn’t her mother stunning for just having a baby yesterday?!? Be sure not to miss her birth story. Some of these images almost look like studio work, but they are not. They are all shot in the comfort of their home with minimal posing as to not overstimulate such a tiny baby. Newborn shoots are generally about 2 hours to allow enough time for feeds, nappy changes, and patience to just let the baby be herself. The photo where she’s looking right into my lens in her crib took some time of just sitting there quietly waiting for her to connect with the camera. Then you can see how her cheeky cute personality comes out, even on day one of life! Harper is darling. A first child for her parents, and already with a father who is smitten.

Thank you to Harper’s parents for hiring me to capture the pregnancy, birth, and newborn parts of their family story. They were lovely!

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I got the call as I was heading to settling in for the night that my client was in labour and had been for most of the day. Things were picking up and it was time for me to go. I first joined their family at home while she continued to labour. Then followed them to Vincent Palloti hospital for the birth. It was going to be a long night. She employed the assistance of rock star doula, Lauren Dean of Gently Born. It was a really incredible team, her midwife, Glynnis Garrod of Birth Options, her husband, her doula, and me as her birth photographer. She was well researched and prepared for an all natural, peaceful birth. Hers was not an easy labour at all. I was about 34 weeks pregnant during this birth and very much empathetic for the painful yet courageous journey of bringing a baby into the world. Harper came just moments before the sunrise.

Her mother later told me that she was so glad to have hired a birth photographer, because she was able to really look back and see how supportive and involved her husband was. She loved seeing how deeply moved he was at the meeting of their daughter. She can’t wait to show Harper one day.

I was so honored to be a part of her team and chronicle this incredible night where they worked together and became parents. This was also a first grandchild and grandmom’s reactions to meeting Harper are priceless.

Be sure to check out their newborn session the very next day.

Here are some of their images, shared with mom’s permission. Enjoy!
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Christmas morning around 6 am my phone rings. Surely not, I think to myself. I was on call for 3 births and never in my wildest thought it would be Clarissa (see her maternity shoot) of the 3 that was calling. I jumped out of bed, unfortunately got a speeding ticket and only made it in time for the moment she was being wheeled into theater. That’s what it is like to live on-call! While I wasn’t allowed access into theater (this isn’t always guaranteed) I was able to capture the rest of their story and all its details. Leja and her father were together while Clarissa was in recovery, so I could photograph all those bonding moments that she missed. They were such an incredible couple to work with, so in love with each other and their daughter, absorbing the reality of their Christmas gift.

Clarissa submitted her birth story to Your Pregnancy magazine and its a beautiful keepsake for Leja Mae.
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Genevieve and her husband met me at Misty Cliffs beach for their sunset mini-maternity shoot. Mini-maternity sessions are offered complimentary with my birth packages. Its 30 minutes, one location, one outfit and 15 gorgeous images for you to treasure long after you are done being pregnant. Genevieve is 35 weeks pregnant here, you wouldn’t know it! Their love as a couple is radient and she is glowing in her last trimester. They await their first child, a boy, coming in March.

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