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FAQ: Maternity & Newborn Sessions

This is it. You are becoming parents. Maybe for the first time or all over again.

It is starting to go by fast and you are wondering should book a photographer for maternity and newborn images? You should. Selfies aren’t enough and many women regret that they didn’t have this. I know you need someone who knows what they are doing and are professional so it’s one last thing you have to manage. This is as important a chapter in your lives as a wedding day and deserves exceptional, classic imagery that will still look beautiful in decades to come.

What is a lifestyle portrait session?

Lifestyle portrait photography is a style of photography that is more relaxed, less formal posing and not in-studio. This style produces classic, timeless images. I prefer to shoot either in your home or an outdoor location.


How long will my session be?

Maternity sessions are generally about an hour. Quick enough to not drag out (especially for most men), long enough to capture the essence of your relationship and expectation of your baby.

Who may attend the session?

Your partner and children are encouraged to come. These will become your last family images before baby or images together as a couple before parenthood. I aim to not just photograph a belly, but to capture your love and affection. If your partner is traveling or unavailable, bringing a trusted friend or family member to help you feel relaxed is a great idea. Sessions can be scheduled on weekends to accommodate work and school schedules.

What should I wear?

Wear something comfortable that makes you feel beautiful. Here’s a Pinterest board with ideas and what to stay away from. I’m also a part of your planning process if needed, via Whatsapp consulting. Let me know what you have in mind and I can advise you as to what will photograph best. Hair and makeup can also be coordinated upon request. Your session includes 2-3 wardrobe changes if desired.

What if I feel awkward in photos?

I rarely meet a client who doesn’t. It’s ok! I will help guide you into what is flattering for your body and gently direct you without it feeling too posed. I work hard to bring out the genuine, authentic beauty of who you are and your relationship. Most of my images look relaxed and natural because of this.

How pregnant should I be?

Most clients are somewhere between 25 – 34 weeks. But that completely depends on how you are feeling about your body. Ideally, I tell clients, “Once you pop (can see a belly) but before you drop (feeling very swollen or uncomfortable)”. If you are high risk or carrying multiples this might be best to do earlier rather than later, just in case.

Where do you do maternity photos?

We can do them in your home and outside or at a location of your choice. I can brainstorm with you for great location ideas depending on the look you want.

What if I’m interested in maternity and another session you offer?

You’re not alone. Most of my clients prefer this. I have great packages to suit what you are looking for.

What is a mini-maternity session?

A mini-maternity session is 30 min, 1 location, 1 outfit, 15 images. It’s everything a maternity session would be, just condensed. My mini sessions are only available complimentary to clients that book a birth package. It’s a great way for you to document your pregnancy and helps us get to know each other better before the big day.


How old should my baby be?

Anytime in the first 6 weeks of life is ideal (or adjusted for prem babies). Some moms would like right away, while others feel they need more time. This can be determined and scheduled after your birth experience.

How do we schedule a session?

You let me know your estimated due date and if there are any changes to that (ie: induction or scheduled c-section) so I can pencil it in my calendar. When your baby is born, send me a quick Whatsapp message to let me know. We will then decide on a date when you feel ready.

How long will my session be?

Sessions are generally about 1-2 hours. This is so you have the freedom to stop, feed your baby, take care of nappy changes and soothe your baby. It’s relaxed and not rushed on purpose.

Who may attend the session?

Your partner and children are of course welcome as we want to capture portraits with them as well. Weekends are available to accommodate around work or school schedules. Grandparents and pets have been known to also pop in for their photos with the baby!

What do I set aside for my baby to wear?

Start off with a simple white vest or baby grow. Then put aside anything you would like to have them photographed in: a special outfit, a newborn hat, a hair bow or band, any heirloom pieces, ultrasound photos. I’ll help you decide what will photograph best and we’ll get creative from there.

Where do you do newborn sessions?

Either in the privacy and comfort of your home or at an outdoor location of your choice.

What time of day is best for a newborn session?

Early morning is a great time. The light is better and babies are not as fussy as later in the day. It’s a good idea to feed your baby just before our session. That said, I allow enough time for nappy changes, feedings, settling – that’s all part of working with a newborn.

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