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Expecting number 4: Sunset Beach Mini-Maternity Session {Tracey} | Cape Town Maternity Photographer

Their last maternity session. There is a rite of passage that is beginning a family. There is yet another that is completing one. As they wait on their final member we take to the boulders at Camps Bay with the sun flirting with the horizon. Dreamy as it sounds, lets also be honest, three very little people needed to be kept safe and the clock was ticking towards dark. With a slight hiccup in timing, we raced the clock and took these images so fast, you wouldn’t believe it. That golden light and those textures set against the honesty of their moments. Love it!

My absolute favorite was when I laid down on a rock just as the sun disappeared and yelled at them “Go with me on this, hang on, everyone separate a little bit and toss Yuriko into the air.” You will see it in that last image…. gasp, I’m in love with it… their daughter’s kick of little leg, the baby bump, the silhouette of the 5 of them at this chapter.

So much honesty, connection, baby love, little girl personalities, and joy in these…. it will make your heartache a little. Their fourth baby no less celebrated or awaited with expectancy.

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