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Their last maternity session. There is a rite of passage that is beginning a family. There is yet another that is completing one. As they wait on their final member we take to the boulders at Camps Bay with the sun flirting with the horizon. Dreamy as it sounds, lets also be honest, three very little people needed to be kept safe and the clock was ticking towards dark. With a slight hiccup in timing, we raced the clock and took these images so fast, you wouldn’t believe it. That golden light and those textures set against the honesty of their moments. Love it!

My absolute favorite was when I laid down on a rock just as the sun disappeared and yelled at them “Go with me on this, hang on, everyone separate a little bit and toss Yuriko into the air.” You will see it in that last image…. gasp, I’m in love with it… their daughter’s kick of little leg, the baby bump, the silhouette of the 5 of them at this chapter.

So much honesty, connection, baby love, little girl personalities, and joy in these…. it will make your heartache a little. Their fourth baby no less celebrated or awaited with expectancy.

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The moment their song starts playing, I get a little misty-eyed. There is something about home. About the fire being on. Everyone there. The togetherness and coziness we all long for. Sure its mixed in with some chaos. It wouldn’t feel like home without it. This birth is all of that and more. Surrounded by her mom, her daughters, her husband, her midwives and me, we welcomed Yuriko Mae into the world. This is their rainbow baby. A baby after pregnancy loss. The story is shaping, no way around it. There is a certain poignancy in any pregnancy that follows mourning a baby. Women’s wombs were never meant to be tombs. We can’t wrap our minds around it when it happens to us. And thus, there is an extra sacredness in bringing forth life after death.

Tracey’s family will shatter your heart in all the best ways. I didn’t want to leave after this birth. I wanted to stay curled up on their couch maybe reading books to her kids. But alas my own awaited. I did sleep on that couch the night before during the “false alarm” when I came out and then we all got the send back home after a few hours. Birth stories are never clear cut. Third births are always called the ‘wild cards’ and that’s because there’s really no telling. Tracey explains how this one was different to the others and not just because it was at home. I was on my toes all day for this one. Very worried it would happen to fast and so thankful when I was there with plenty of time to get all the details. So many incredible details like their littlest midwife…. I won’t give it all away.

Speaking of details, no one tells the story better than Tracey herself. Start Yuriko’s birth story here. Oh, and here is her published love letter to a rainbow baby.

And if you just want to really dive deep into their posts, here’s their maternity session and her last birth story. Also, if you are interested in giving birth at home in Cape Town, here’s a handy article on the topic from another one of my clients.

Thank you Tracey & Mike for hiring me again and again. Its been an honour of my career to document your lives so closely. Shared with family permission.

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Their favorite wine farm to hang out as a family.

Two years into life as the three of them.

One beautiful autumn afternoon.

Their affection and joy for life shows.

I told her she needs to buy some frames!

Family sessions are exclusively offered to my existing clients only. So if you have (or one day plan to) hired me for your maternity/newborn sessions or birth coverage, I am available onwards to capture your family as it grows. I offer this exclusively to clients because of my limited availability and not the general public because I believe in the chemistry and trust required to get these images. It’s how I roll best. If you would like one of your own, contact me for booking information.



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Even if I tried, it’s just not possible to fake this level of romance and intimacy… These two have got IT. Even more so now that they are expecting their first baby. Their long-awaited journey hasn’t always been easy but it has definitely been fueled with an innate desire to be amazing parents: to gift their child their unwavering devotion in a new generation. On a gorgeous sunset evening at Noordhoek beach, we captured moments shared. Moments that they will one day be able to look back on and relish along with their little girl.


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Join me in swooning over this gorgeous couple with a to-die-for sunset…



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