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Genevieve’s birth was to be my last before I went on maternity leave. You’ll remember her stunning beach maternity shoot. I went on call at night and kept my ringer up as usual. Being that she’s a first time mom, I *generally* don’t expect early babies, but you never know. The next morning, around mid-morning, I suddenly realize I have no network coverage (Cell-C). I get this instinctual gut check. Even though it can be days or even weeks that I don’t hear from a client while I’m on call. Still, I text Genevieve right away. I sms something like “Just realized I have no network coverage, and I don’t know how long that’s been. Just checking in since I’m on-call”

She sends back a photo of Kylo.

I was devastated. In the span of the apparently 10 hours that my phone was off network, her water suddenly broke and she delivered shortly after. It was the first birth I have ever missed. I was sick to my stomach for days about it. I profusely apologized. She was so gracious with me, but it only highlights more how a birth is a once in a life time event. One that can not be restaged. I went to take some immediate photos that day and then went for his newborn shoot about a week later.

Since then I have put into place a plan. I carry with me a back up phone on a separate network (Vodacom) just to be sure I’m available on two networks. I give clients both numbers, and my husband’s mobile phone, just to be safe. I never ever want to miss another birth on the account of not being reachable.

Here’s Kylo just hours new.

The cutest little thing, with that stunning red hair!


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