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Cesarean Birth at Panorama Medi Clinic {Leja Mae} | Cape Town Birth Photographer

Christmas morning around 6 am my phone rings. Surely not, I think to myself. I was on call for 3 births and never in my wildest thought it would be Clarissa (see her maternity shoot) of the 3 that was calling. I jumped out of bed, unfortunately got a speeding ticket and only made it in time for the moment she was being wheeled into theater. That’s what it is like to live on-call! While I wasn’t allowed access into theater (this isn’t always guaranteed) I was able to capture the rest of their story and all its details. Leja and her father were together while Clarissa was in recovery, so I could photograph all those bonding moments that she missed. They were such an incredible couple to work with, so in love with each other and their daughter, absorbing the reality of their Christmas gift.

Clarissa submitted her birth story to Your Pregnancy magazine and its a beautiful keepsake for Leja Mae.


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