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I joined this young family at Misty Cliffs beach for their mini-maternity shoot. She wanted a beach with lots of privacy and was inspired by this shoot, but we were going to reinterpret it for her family. No two shoots, even if in the same location, are done the same. We chose sunset for the amazing light but weren’t sure how a toddler would do that close to a meal time. But their daughter was delightful and I might have sung a few songs from Frozen to keep things interesting. You do what you gotta do! This is proof that even with a little wind and a small child, beautiful photos can be achieved. 

I look forward to very soon photographing the birth of this new miracle for them. Mini-maternity sessions are offered complimentary with all my birth packages. Its 30 minutes, one location, one outfit and 15 gorgeous images for you to treasure long after you are done being pregnant. They upgraded their session to an extra 30 minutes and with a toddler, that’s a good choice because it gave us more time to work with. Be sure to scroll all the way through and see some behind the scenes images at the end of this post, one taken by my rock star assistant, Felicity.  
For me the most important image we got was the one with mom on the rocks. She was brave to get up there. Dad was behind the rock as an additional set of hands. I asked her to wait with me for a few minutes for a wave. When it came, it was brilliant. Worth the wait. Their story is one of difficulties and this image of the waves crashing around her, but standing strong with joy awaiting her miracle is really symbolic. 
Special thanks to this family for sharing some of their images. They have asked that their names not be shared, as always nothing goes up without 100% family approval. Enjoy their session.

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  • Yet another incredibly stunning shoot under your belt, Marysol! Wow. And such a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel

Jana mentioned Llandundo was where she envisioned her maternity session, and my eyes lit up. One of Cape Town’s best beaches and spectacular sunsets, it would be brilliant. We got there with a little extra time while the light was sharp so we started in the greenery that surrounds the beach, then headed down just as the sun was perfect. They said they had never done anything like this before, but you wouldn’t know it. Jana actually suggested just as we were done that we take some wide shots with the sun was dipping to black. Be sure not to miss those at the end, they ended up being my absolute favorites. There’s no photoshop in that colour, its just how incredible the sky was. It was worth staying the few extra minutes. They were naturals and had so much fun with the shoot despite the artic cold waters and a fair bit of wind. I left feeling so expectant for the day they call to say their daughter is on her way.

Dad wrote me the kindest email the day after receiving their images. Just to clue you in, I rarely hear back from many dads, so this meant alot.

Mini-maternity sessions are offered complimentary with all my birth packages. Its 30 minutes, one outfit and 15 gorgeous images for you to treasure long after you are done being pregnant. You pick the location you have been thinking about and leave the photos to me. 


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    Aw… you guys are just gorgeous – so much love in those photos. And Marysol – your work is as always spectacular.ReplyCancel

  • Love, love, love! These are so beautiful, and mother nature was nicely along.ReplyCancel

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    Absolutely beautiful pictures, and that dress… wow.ReplyCancel

I met up with Cornelia and her family at Green Pointe Park, with every intention to do a fun shoot around the play ground with her daughter. It was the first spring weekend and it seems the whole of Cape Town also decided to come to Green Pointe as well. It was madness. We debated going elsewhere but then got creative with another side of the park that had less people there. I actually love what we came up with even more than my original ideas. 

Her baby shower was the day before and her sister had these gorgeous balloons made for it. We decided they would make a perfect element to style the shoot. Their baby’s gender is a surprise, so the white was perfect. I like how they made it all come together for a colourful, whimsical session with a toddler. 

Some of my favorite moments of affection in this shoot between their daughter and as a a couple (like the kissing shot, and the hugging moment) just happened naturally. That’s my favorite aspect of working with a family. Giving them some direction, but then capturing what they are really like together. That’s what they want to remember the most. The last time in the history of their family it was just three, waiting to be four.

All my birth packages come with a complimentary mini-maternity session like this. Its 30 minutes, one wardrobe, children of course welcome, and the location of your choice. We make sure you get your bump to birth to baby images as one full story. 

Enjoy this beautiful family. I can’t wait to bring you their birth story and gender reveal. As always, shared with their permission.

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When Louise suggested Kalk Bay for her maternity shoot because it had such beautiful colour and texture, I instantly knew this would be incredible. She was spot on for why its a brilliant location. I have been wanting to shoot here for ages with a client. We chose sunrise and they had quite a drive, but I’m so glad they were good sports about the time. The light you get can’t be compared. Its amazing this early on a late winter’s morning. We walked along the Harbour and with very minimal guidance, got these images of the last time they were just the two of them. Their affection and friendship jumps off the photos. There’s no photoshop that can create that kind of magic on images. I can not wait to capture their son’s birth day soon. 

Mini-maternity sessions are offered complimentary with all my birth packages. Its 30 minutes, one outfit and 15 gorgeous images for you to treasure long after you are done being pregnant. You pick the location you have been dreaming about and leave the photos to me. 

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I joined Camden and his parents in his beautiful nursery when he was just 6 days brand new. If you missed his birth story, go back and see it right here. This beautiful magazine worthy nursery was all done by mom and dad, you can see the love and attention to detail they put into it. It always hits me at newborn sessions. Here is all this work, this preparation, this waiting and hoping that you put into a baby arriving. For some a total shock and then 9 months of preparing. For others, its years in the making just waiting for their turn.

And then… this actual baby is in that crib. In this room. Its miraculous. Its worth photographing. And so we did. It was one of my quickest newborn sessions yet. Camden was so easy to work with and his parents were ready to go once I arrived. I really came to bond with this new family of three. Be sure to not miss the behind the scenes photo at the end of the post.

Enjoy Camden and all his tiny baby toes and features.

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    I am 35 weeks pregnant and looking at newborn shoot options. Could you please send me info regarding your packages and prices? Thank youReplyCancel