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See the beautiful birth of Tane John! I wasn’t even yet on-call for this birth when out of nowhere, my client calls to say waters broke at 36 weeks. Due to some complications, she needed a c-section but still had many of her preferences honored (skin to skin, nursing within the hour, dimmed lights, music of their choice). Despite the early arrival, Tane was healthy as can be. The love and tenderness of this couple bringing their son into the world was so evident.

Tane’s father had this to say about the slideshow and hiring a birth photographer:

Endorsement-Chris Whyte

Shared with permission of the family. Enjoy!

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About a week after their beautiful birth, I joined the Hofmeyrs at their home for a newborn session with their daughter. I love doing these sessions in home, because they are so intimate and unique to that family. Their daughter is pictured with family heirlooms that they were just waiting to gift her with. She really is a miracle dream come true and I’m thrilled to have captured these images for them while she was still so tiny. She’s a dainty beauty. Enjoy!

See their maternity session as well and check back for their christening photos.

Cape Town Newborn_2

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The Hofmeyrs have such a special place in my heart. Their journey to parenthood was not easy, with heartbreak along the way, so to capture their miracle baby was my absolute honor. You might remember their maternity shoot and be sure to check out their newborn photos.

They planned a peaceful, medication free, all natural birth employing the techniques of Hypnobirthing. Nicolette Hadden of Beautifully Born was their doula and helped them achieve their dream birth. Their doctor respected their wishes and it was a great team all on their side. The plan was for me to join them at home first, but by the time they called me they were headed to the hospital already. Things progressed quickly. I shot out of bed in the 6 am hour like a rocket, thankful our kids were all still fast asleep. Time was of the essence and I didn’t even brush my teeth. I am based in the Southern Suburbs and they are birthing in the Northern Suburbs. Traffic always makes me very nervous when covering Northern Suburbs births. I knew I had to get on the road to beat the morning rush. I flew there. Only a few minutes after walking in the room, she was completely dilated!

This birth was unique in that the father helped deliver his child and announced the gender. It was a girl! What a beautiful series of moments to witness them become parents. Theirs was a truly beautiful birth.

The story will continue as I am soon going to photograph their daughter’s christening. Thank you to the Hofmeyrs for inviting me to witness and capture some of the most beautiful weeks of your lives. And welcome to the world little one, you are so loved!

As with all my births, shared with complete family permission. I always let my clients approve what images of their births are shared and how they want their child named online. Enjoy!

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  • Julia

    What is the music you used for Baby Hofmeyr’s birth video?ReplyCancel

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      Hi Julia, That’s “Sort of” Instrumental version by Ingrid Michaelson. Thanks for stopping by!ReplyCancel

The Smidt family hired me to capture their entire journey to parenthood, from pregnancy to birth to newborn photos. I came to their home when their son was about a week old and did a relaxed lifestyle shoot. The quilt their son is photographed on is a beautiful family heirloom. He is just tiny and so brand new. You can see it on his skin. I love to photograph this because I know in a blink it will be his first birthday and they will never get back this opportunity to have photos of him so little. What a wonderful family they are. Enjoy their beautiful photos.

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You’ll remember this couple’s gorgeous Tokai Forest Maternity shoot. Baby’s Smidt decided to come the day I went on-call. This birth included a double gender reveal which is really incredible to capture as the photographer. That’s right, the parents had no idea until he was born. First was with mom as their doctor let mom discover for herself the first time she saw him. Then, we all kept the surprise for dad to discover in the recovery room for himself. His reaction is just a delight. Then his mother becomes a grandmother and her expressions left me teary. Here’s the story of their miracle baby:

When you are done, be sure to see the story continue as we capture Baby Smidt’s newborn photos.

Thank you to the Smidt family for allowing me the privledge to capture your journey to parenthood. All photos shared with family permission.
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