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Natural Hypnobirth at Vincent Pallotti {Harper} | Cape Town Birth Photographer

I got the call as I was heading to settling in for the night that my client was in labour and had been for most of the day. Things were picking up and it was time for me to go. I first joined their family at home while she continued to labour. Then followed them to Vincent Palloti hospital for the birth. It was going to be a long night. She employed the assistance of rock star doula, Lauren Dean of Gently Born. It was a really incredible team, her midwife, Glynnis Garrod of Birth Options, her husband, her doula, and me as her birth photographer. She was well researched and prepared for an all natural, peaceful birth. Hers was not an easy labour at all. I was about 34 weeks pregnant during this birth and very much empathetic for the painful yet courageous journey of bringing a baby into the world. Harper came just moments before the sunrise.

Her mother later told me that she was so glad to have hired a birth photographer, because she was able to really look back and see how supportive and involved her husband was. She loved seeing how deeply moved he was at the meeting of their daughter. She can’t wait to show Harper one day.

I was so honored to be a part of her team and chronicle this incredible night where they worked together and became parents. This was also a first grandchild and grandmom’s reactions to meeting Harper are priceless.

Be sure to check out their newborn session the very next day.

Here are some of their images, shared with mom’s permission. Enjoy!


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