Casesarean at Mediclinic Panorama {Camden} | Cape Town Caesarean Photographer

I almost missed Camden’s birth by a matter of hours. I was at another birth when I got the call that a c-section had been planned for him to arrive in the morning due to some complications that had arisen. I had to let Tarrin, his mom, know that there was a possiblity that I might have to send my back up my current mom hadn’t delivered in time. My policy is I never leave a birth until its over or it would disturb that mother’s experience. I also didn’t inform them this was happening because they don’t need the stress. While I have never had to use my back up thus far and she’s never needed me, we have contingency plans in place for this very reason. Tarrin was so gracious in understanding this might not work out. I had my stomach in knots at the thought of missing her birth. I make it a point to not miss births!

The plan was to meet at the hospital reception just before 6am. My back up was ready to go if needed. I would text her and Tarrin by 5 am if I couldn’t make it. It just barely all worked out. I left the other hospital at 2:30 am and texted them both so they would see it in a few hours that I was able to make it after all. After a quick refresher nap, I headed out to meet them, still very much on a high from seeing a little girl being born and now about to capture their son’s arrival. There is NOTHING like the moment a child is born. Its sacred and its the one thing I happily pull an all-nighter for.

I am so thankful it worked out in the end. I can’t imagine missing his birth. We formed such a beautiful bond. Thank you to Camden’s parents for hiring me and most importantly, trusting me with this historic day in your lives.

Here’s a bit of mom & dad’s thoughts on having their birth photographed. Enjoy their video and many more images not in the video. As always, these are shared graciously with family permission.

Wayne & Tarrin



Here is just two images from 6 days later as I did an in-home newborn session for Camden. Come see the rest of their newborn session and this pinterest-worthy nursery! You wont be disappointed.



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