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I joined Kauis’ parents in their nursery for his newborn session. His parents prepared his room as labour of love, painting over the Holidays and making everything themselves. So they really wanted photos here. I tailor a session specific to what each family is uniquely like. This whole room is DIY! Full of little memories, momentos, and meaningful gifts. The sheepskin they sit on is a traditional gift given to babies in New Zealand, which is where Michaela is from. Both parents are from opposite sides of the globe, falling in love in South Africa and bringing home their first child here. If you missed their awesome maternity session, maybe go back quickly and see it first.

Newborn sessions like these are relaxed. If you just had a baby and would rather not take them out for a studio session, this is the perfect fit. Its intimate because its your home and your surroundings. Some moms stress out that this means they have to clean their homes before I come. Not at all! I will bring an assistant and we will tidy up the area you have in mind for photos. I help you decide what will look best with the available light. We’ll talk about what’s sentimental for you. Your husband can pop in for photos and we’ll keep it painlessly quick for him if he needs to get back to getting some work done. I capture your baby in their natural state, being comforted by their parents. I focus on connection and details. All the little memories you will want to look back on as the years unfold. Its not just baby photos, its your first family portrait and photos of YOU with your child. If you have family around, they can join in too. I offer these sessions either as an add-on for birth clients or as a part of maternity-newborn packages. Contact me for a packages & availability if you would like something like this.

All photos shared with permission. Enjoy sweet wide eyed Kaius’ and his parents:

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A product I’m so excited to introduce you to! Lüks Delivery Gowns. Last year, I was photographing the birth of one of my clients. I couldn’t help but noticed this beautiful shwe-shwe gown she was labouring in. I have been to alot of births, but never seen anything like it! I asked her about it, and came to find out it was a gift from her sister and they were designing this new line of delivery gowns. She was testing it out on herself. That’s commitment!

I’m approached by many companies to offer my fans products. I’m generally pretty allergic to this. I don’t want to bombard you. But this is a product that I believe is perfect for many of you who follow my work, and the designer is a fellow mompreneur like me, also a fabulous client.

I’ve asked her to allow me to share some of her birth images so you can see it directly in action.

If you or a friend is delivering in a hospital, this is a great baby shower gift.

Here’s why I personally think this gown is great, its not just locally made and super cute. Its FUNCTIONAL:

  • Many women struggle to do skin to skin care in a hospital gown. Same for breastfeeding. But this gown has a nifty drop down feature to do both effortlessly.
  • Another great feature is it fully snaps open in the back for additional space, perhaps an epidural, but can snap fully up as well. No more bum exposed.
  • Even if its not your choice for actual delivery, its brilliant for your hospital stay. To feel covered, comfortable for your post pardum body, and yet still functional.

I didn’t just want to introduce it to you, I wanted one of you to be able to have one of your own. So the fabulous team at Luks is giving all of my blog readers and fans 15% of their gown. Just use the code BLOMERUS at check out.

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I’m so excited to show you Michaela’s incredible maternity session. Michaela is a friend of mine who also has assisted me on many of my maternity or newborn shoots. She’s a photographer herself, so getting in front of the camera was a rather eye-opening experience for her. The combo of friend, photographer, and someone who knows all my shooting quirks was… you know, no pressure at all. {biting nails}

She assisted me on a shoot a few years back at this very beach and couldn’t wait to take her own photos here. Its a beautiful little private tucked away spot. Tonight we got the wildest waves.

My favorite part of this session was the natural chemistry between these two. I would just tell them, you two talk and do your thing, I will shoot around you. And the results were stunning. They are both expats, he’s a Brit and she’s a Kiwi, so taking photos in the foreign land they are having their first child in was really important.

Full maternity sessions like these are about an hour, multiple wardrobe changes, and only available with a newborn combo package. You can see their newborn session here shot in their nursery. I take on a very limited amount of these since I primarily specialize in births, but if you are interested, contact me for a quote. Otherwise, a mini version is available complimentary with all my birth packages and can always be upgraded upon request.

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When Charné contacted me regarding her birth she said she absolutely loved my work and this time around wanted a professional birth photographer. Theirs is a beautiful blended family and this is the first baby born to both parents together. Like many of my clients, there’s more to the story than you first think. They have been through sorrow and loss, so Lily for them is a precious gift. Make sure to watch the video in HD and don’t miss the part when dad gets skin to skin time with Lily.

I shot that portion through the nursery window as I wasn’t allowed in at the time, but I made it work and was sure to capture such incredible bonding moments between father and daughter that Charné would have otherwise missed as she was in recovery at the time. I know especially for moms that are for what ever reason separated from their babies even for 20 minutes, they long to know what they missed. As much as possible, I follow baby for this very reason to capture those irreplaceable first moments. Lily will always look back and see clearly she was beloved from the day she was born.

If you missed it, be sure to see Charné’s maternity session and as always, everything is shared with family permission. My kind thank yous to the kind staff at Panorama Mediclinic and her doctor, Dr. Rosselli.

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Screenshot_2015-03-22-16-33-53As a birth photographer, my role is to tell my client’s story as authentically and accurately as possible, with the utmost integrity. Not to make it something that it wasn’t. Not every birth is peaceful or magical. And its unfair to try to represent it as so. Some births are traumatic or difficult. All for many different reasons. It doesn’t mean parents didn’t feel elation at meeting their baby. My hope is to be a supportive calm presence no matter how its unfolding and to also give her the most accurate telling of the story so that in her own time she can process and find healing. Jana’s day didn’t go as she hoped and that was very difficult. The tears and the emotions are raw in her photos.

Her testimonial (unsolicited by me) which she is allowing me to share really means alot to me. Many of my clients love their photos when they receive them, but when they really seem to matter most is as the birthdays come. Birth photography tends to have increasing value as time passes and perspective sets in. I want to especially appreciate Jana and the courage it takes to share her story in photos. Often when a woman has a difficult birth she is reluctant to share it, which I respect implicitly. However, I think its important to show a wide range of birth stories and emotions. There are far variations of what the birth experience can be like.  Jana received a gentle caesarean birth and many of her wishes were honored by Dr. Jacky Searle. Be sure to take note of the visual birth preferences sheet that she put together. Here’s a link to create your own visual birth plan.

My heartfelt thanks to Jana for sharing her story, and most importantly for trusting me to be in her sacred space that day.

She is an overcomer.

All photos and text shared with permission, as always.

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  • Joanna

    Well done to this Mama! I can’t imagine what it is like to have planned one way and have it go a totally different way. To stay calm and focused in spite of it all takes a lot of bravery and courage!!ReplyCancel