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Sarah and her husband waited YEARS for this part of their life to happen. After the journey they have been through, capturing it was top priority. They hired me for their daughter’s birth and newborn session, which includes a maternity session if a family wants it. We headed out to Noordhoek Beach for sunset and were treated to a spectacular night of clear skies and a colourful sunset. The beach was basically to ourselves.

Mini-maternity sessions are offered complimentary with all my birth packages. Its 30 minutes, one location, and 15 gorgeous high quality images for you to treasure long after you are done being pregnant. Here’s the beautiful Sarah, glowing and radiant just 5 weeks before she gave birth.

PS: Be sure not to miss the end where I share a behind the scenes moment… where I almost ruined my shoes, story below.

Sarah H

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  • I have been an avid follower of your site for some time Marysol and was pleasantly surprised to see these stunning images!

    Sarah is/was (before going on maternity leave) my son’s teacher and she is such a wonderful person and educator. So happy to hear that she’s got a little bundle of goodness to nurture as amazingly as she has nurtured my son this year. 🙂ReplyCancel

A chilly crisp winter’s morning just as the sun is rising, we ventured into the forrest with armloads of bags, toys and snacks for kids, taking our time to capture beautiful family memories of this family now of four. You might remember their stunning maternity session from a year ago. What a difference a year makes! Aaaannnd this is why you take photos regularly with kids. They are the markers of how fast time goes by. I have been privileged to capture their son’s birth and many other sessions, but I respect all my client’s different preferences for sharing. I’m really glad they are allowing me to share this stunning session with you. Because photographing two kids can get a bit crazy, but given some patience and everyone’s commitment to get family memories documented, it can be done!

Day In The Life Sessions or Outdoor Family Sessions are exclusive for my clients as I have an ongoing relationship with them. I believe it takes a certain level of trust and report to photograph a family this intimately and my availability is mainly reserved for births. Some book them annually or for milestones. But should you book me for your birth or maternity/newborn, you will always be able to hire me again and again to capture the different stages your family is in as the years go by.

While this isn’t exactly a home day in the life session, when clients are moving, in town visiting, or perhaps would like something outdoors, we alter the session a bit to meet their needs. I am fine with that because it means getting to see and document some of my favorite families again.

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Yvette & her husband have that kind of friendship in marriage that gives you hope. You’ll see it in their maternity session too. Their shared nerves and excitement at the arrival of their son is palpable. Henk was born just as the year ended, and what a way to welcome a new year! When Yvette first contacted me she had been following me for some time (which is why its a good idea to sign up on my mailing list!) and got in early enough before the crazy Holiday rush.

Here you will see their birth story and Meet the Family session (available with my At First Sight package or as an add-on to any birth coverage). I love that there was the meeting of local family and family via skype captured (that was a touching moment). Especially for family far away being able to see photos of this day can make them feel closer and more included.

May Henk always know that he was beloved around the world from his very first day. My hope for his parents is they will be able to relive this day at every birthday. And like all parents make peace with our mistakes, and get up to parent after a long sleepless night remembering that our children are a gift. One we are so thankful for and it was obvious on our faces right from the start.

Many thanks to the staff at Mediclinic Durbanville for allowing me to be their very first birth photographer in theater and being so accommodating. And of course, to Henk’s parents for trusting me in their sacred space. All photos and video shared with family permission.

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  • Tamara

    Wow, you’ve done it again. The photos of dads emotions here… just wow. Specifically the one of dad sitting on the chair waiting for the birth- powerful stuff right there.ReplyCancel

Its the start of SPRING in South Africa, and this couldn’t be a more perfect spring maternity session with a glistening weeping willow. Dominique and her husband choose a park, and although still chilly, braved it for some beautiful heirloom photos of this time that’s over before they know it. She’s radiant and I love how it symbolizes all that’s coming their way as the season changes; their very first son.

My favorite part of this session was how much Dominique trusted me. That trust and connection with my client is why I wont photograph just anyone. Because it wouldn’t be fair to my client if we didn’t have that repore. You wouldn’t get the relaxed, beautiful interaction you were able to achieve.

Full maternity sessions like these are about an hour, multiple wardrobe changes if desired, and only available with a newborn combo package. Can’t wait to photograph their new family! I take on a very limited amount of these since I primarily specialize in births, but if you are interested, contact me for a quote. PS: This makes for a thoughtful and memorable gift! Otherwise, a mini version is available complimentary with all my birth packages and can always be upgraded upon request.

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When Michelle told me the news that she was pregnant again, I was overjoyed for them. I loved being one of the first to know. Two kids in two years! If you missed it, see their eldest son’s birth (Aiden). She was insistent she get on my calendar again before I booked up. I have a very special place in my heart for working with repeat clients, so I couldn’t wait. Reece’s birth is more than just about his arrival, its about his family welcoming him. Its that moment when every mother waits for her baby to first cry, its the euphoria of parents inhaling their brand new baby, its the beginning of a brotherhood. Their hearts expand in ways you can never quite expect to love another. When Michelle went into labour earlier than expected, Reece’s birth didn’t work out as planned. Their childcare for Aiden barely made it in time in the early hours of the morning. From a story perspective, Michelle and I agreed that this part was actually a beautiful arc of starting and ending with Aiden in the video. He was a part of that day in so many ways!

For me personally, Reece’s birth is a huge push forward creatively. As South Africa’s first professional birth photographer, I love innovating. Two years ago, I introduced snippets of video into my slideshows to make the still frames come alive. It was just the beginning of my creative evolution towards film. Over the last two years I have slowly (with three little kids, so slow is an understatement) been learning, doing online courses, and wrestling with this new medium to bring it first to the South African market. It still includes still frames, but its more film than stills. I abide by a strict code of conduct that is specific for each hospital, so where my code does not allow me to video with in specific parameters, I am unable to. If you would like this for your family, we would have to discuss hospital specific details and my restrictions. But my aim is to uphold my code of conduct as strictly with film as I do with photos, thus you see no staff faces or actual medical procedures in progress.

I’m really proud to show you my first birth film and to bring you more of these in the future as families allow me to share.

Also be sure to slowly scroll through the photos as they tell the story in a completely different way. I have selected some to show you with 100% family permission, as always. Clients who purchase a birth film still receive their entire story covered in photos. So they are not compromising one for the other. We can discuss preferences, but you can rest assured you will still have exceptional photos with context and details to remember your day, as well as a film in HD.

Its a creative juggling act and post production marathon, but the final product is an heirloom for each client’s family. To discuss your baby’s birth day, contact me here.

With out further ado, enjoy Reece’s beautiful family. You might need some tissues. Many thanks to the staff at Milnerton Mediclinic who wished not to be identified but their care is evident.

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