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Southern Suburbs Newborn Nursery Lifestyle Session {Kaius} | Cape Town Newborn Photographer

I joined Kauis’ parents in their nursery for his newborn session. His parents prepared his room as labour of love, painting over the Holidays and making everything themselves. So they really wanted photos here. I tailor a session specific to what each family is uniquely like. This whole room is DIY! Full of little memories, momentos, and meaningful gifts. The sheepskin they sit on is a traditional gift given to babies in New Zealand, which is where Michaela is from. Both parents are from opposite sides of the globe, falling in love in South Africa and bringing home their first child here. If you missed their awesome maternity session, maybe go back quickly and see it first.

Newborn sessions like these are relaxed. If you just had a baby and would rather not take them out for a studio session, this is the perfect fit. Its intimate because its your home and your surroundings. Some moms stress out that this means they have to clean their homes before I come. Not at all! I will bring an assistant and we will tidy up the area you have in mind for photos. I help you decide what will look best with the available light. We’ll talk about what’s sentimental for you. Your husband can pop in for photos and we’ll keep it painlessly quick for him if he needs to get back to getting some work done. I capture your baby in their natural state, being comforted by their parents. I focus on connection and details. All the little memories you will want to look back on as the years unfold. Its not just baby photos, its your first family portrait and photos of YOU with your child. If you have family around, they can join in too. I offer these sessions either as an add-on for birth clients or as a part of maternity-newborn packages. Contact me for a packages & availability if you would like something like this.

All photos shared with permission. Enjoy sweet wide eyed Kaius’ and his parents:





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