Cesarean Section at Panorama Mediclinic {Lily} | Cape Town C-Section Photographer

When Charné contacted me regarding her birth she said she absolutely loved my work and this time around wanted a professional birth photographer. Theirs is a beautiful blended family and this is the first baby born to both parents together. Like many of my clients, there’s more to the story than you first think. They have been through sorrow and loss, so Lily for them is a precious gift. Make sure to watch the video in HD and don’t miss the part when dad gets skin to skin time with Lily.

I shot that portion through the nursery window as I wasn’t allowed in at the time, but I made it work and was sure to capture such incredible bonding moments between father and daughter that Charné would have otherwise missed as she was in recovery at the time. I know especially for moms that are for what ever reason separated from their babies even for 20 minutes, they long to know what they missed. As much as possible, I follow baby for this very reason to capture those irreplaceable first moments. Lily will always look back and see clearly she was beloved from the day she was born.

If you missed it, be sure to see Charné’s maternity session and as always, everything is shared with family permission. My kind thank yous to the kind staff at Panorama Mediclinic and her doctor, Dr. Rosselli.






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