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“What do I pack for the hospital?” | Introducing Luks Delivery Gowns

A product I’m so excited to introduce you to! Lüks Delivery Gowns. Last year, I was photographing the birth of one of my clients. I couldn’t help but noticed this beautiful shwe-shwe gown she was labouring in. I have been to alot of births, but never seen anything like it! I asked her about it, and came to find out it was a gift from her sister and they were designing this new line of delivery gowns. She was testing it out on herself. That’s commitment!

I’m approached by many companies to offer my fans products. I’m generally pretty allergic to this. I don’t want to bombard you. But this is a product that I believe is perfect for many of you who follow my work, and the designer is a fellow mompreneur like me, also a fabulous client.

I’ve asked her to allow me to share some of her birth images so you can see it directly in action.

If you or a friend is delivering in a hospital, this is a great baby shower gift.

Here’s why I personally think this gown is great, its not just locally made and super cute. Its FUNCTIONAL:

  • Many women struggle to do skin to skin care in a hospital gown. Same for breastfeeding. But this gown has a nifty drop down feature to do both effortlessly.
  • Another great feature is it fully snaps open in the back for additional space, perhaps an epidural, but can snap fully up as well. No more bum exposed.
  • Even if its not your choice for actual delivery, its brilliant for your hospital stay. To feel covered, comfortable for your post pardum body, and yet still functional.

I didn’t just want to introduce it to you, I wanted one of you to be able to have one of your own. So the fabulous team at Luks is giving all of my blog readers and fans 15% of their gown. Just use the code BLOMERUS at check out.


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