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Screenshot_2015-03-22-16-33-53As a birth photographer, my role is to tell my client’s story as authentically and accurately as possible, with the utmost integrity. Not to make it something that it wasn’t. Not every birth is peaceful or magical. And its unfair to try to represent it as so. Some births are traumatic or difficult. All for many different reasons. It doesn’t mean parents didn’t feel elation at meeting their baby. My hope is to be a supportive calm presence no matter how its unfolding and to also give her the most accurate telling of the story so that in her own time she can process and find healing. Jana’s day didn’t go as she hoped and that was very difficult. The tears and the emotions are raw in her photos.

Her testimonial (unsolicited by me) which she is allowing me to share really means alot to me. Many of my clients love their photos when they receive them, but when they really seem to matter most is as the birthdays come. Birth photography tends to have increasing value as time passes and perspective sets in. I want to especially appreciate Jana and the courage it takes to share her story in photos. Often when a woman has a difficult birth she is reluctant to share it, which I respect implicitly. However, I think its important to show a wide range of birth stories and emotions. There are far variations of what the birth experience can be like.  Jana received a gentle caesarean birth and many of her wishes were honored by Dr. Jacky Searle. Be sure to take note of the visual birth preferences sheet that she put together. Here’s a link to create your own visual birth plan.

My heartfelt thanks to Jana for sharing her story, and most importantly for trusting me to be in her sacred space that day.

She is an overcomer.

All photos and text shared with permission, as always.









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  • Joanna

    Well done to this Mama! I can’t imagine what it is like to have planned one way and have it go a totally different way. To stay calm and focused in spite of it all takes a lot of bravery and courage!!ReplyCancel

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