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Csection at Mediclinic Milnerton {Reece} | South Africa’s First Birth Film

When Michelle told me the news that she was pregnant again, I was overjoyed for them. I loved being one of the first to know. Two kids in two years! If you missed it, see their eldest son’s birth (Aiden). She was insistent she get on my calendar again before I booked up. I have a very special place in my heart for working with repeat clients, so I couldn’t wait. Reece’s birth is more than just about his arrival, its about his family welcoming him. Its that moment when every mother waits for her baby to first cry, its the euphoria of parents inhaling their brand new baby, its the beginning of a brotherhood. Their hearts expand in ways you can never quite expect to love another. When Michelle went into labour earlier than expected, Reece’s birth didn’t work out as planned. Their childcare for Aiden barely made it in time in the early hours of the morning. From a story perspective, Michelle and I agreed that this part was actually a beautiful arc of starting and ending with Aiden in the video. He was a part of that day in so many ways!

For me personally, Reece’s birth is a huge push forward creatively. As South Africa’s first professional birth photographer, I love innovating. Two years ago, I introduced snippets of video into my slideshows to make the still frames come alive. It was just the beginning of my creative evolution towards film. Over the last two years I have slowly (with three little kids, so slow is an understatement) been learning, doing online courses, and wrestling with this new medium to bring it first to the South African market. It still includes still frames, but its more film than stills. I abide by a strict code of conduct that is specific for each hospital, so where my code does not allow me to video with in specific parameters, I am unable to. If you would like this for your family, we would have to discuss hospital specific details and my restrictions. But my aim is to uphold my code of conduct as strictly with film as I do with photos, thus you see no staff faces or actual medical procedures in progress.

I’m really proud to show you my first birth film and to bring you more of these in the future as families allow me to share.

Also be sure to slowly scroll through the photos as they tell the story in a completely different way. I have selected some to show you with 100% family permission, as always. Clients who purchase a birth film still receive their entire story covered in photos. So they are not compromising one for the other. We can discuss preferences, but you can rest assured you will still have exceptional photos with context and details to remember your day, as well as a film in HD.

Its a creative juggling act and post production marathon, but the final product is an heirloom for each client’s family. To discuss your baby’s birth day, contact me here.

With out further ado, enjoy Reece’s beautiful family. You might need some tissues. Many thanks to the staff at Milnerton Mediclinic who wished not to be identified but their care is evident.



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