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Dreamy Sunset Park Maternity Session {Dominique} | Cape Town Maternity Photographer

Its the start of SPRING in South Africa, and this couldn’t be a more perfect spring maternity session with a glistening weeping willow. Dominique and her husband choose a park, and although still chilly, braved it for some beautiful heirloom photos of this time that’s over before they know it. She’s radiant and I love how it symbolizes all that’s coming their way as the season changes; their very first son.

My favorite part of this session was how much Dominique trusted me. That trust and connection with my client is why I wont photograph just anyone. Because it wouldn’t be fair to my client if we didn’t have that repore. You wouldn’t get the relaxed, beautiful interaction you were able to achieve.

Full maternity sessions like these are about an hour, multiple wardrobe changes if desired, and only available with a newborn combo package. Can’t wait to photograph their new family! I take on a very limited amount of these since I primarily specialize in births, but if you are interested, contact me for a quote. PS: This makes for a thoughtful and memorable gift! Otherwise, a mini version is available complimentary with all my birth packages and can always be upgraded upon request.

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  • Dominique Peters

    I could look at these photos all day whole day my goodness Marysol ! What a blessing of a gift you have for capturing a beautiful moment in our lives. We are forever grateful and looking forward to more great memories with you. Big hug and lotsa love. Dominique and Wyatt.ReplyCancel

  • Carmen Overmeyer

    Beautiful picutres of a loving & beautiful couple. The LOVE these two have for each other you have truelly captured. Dominique you are RADIANT sweety. Enjoy the last days & I wish you All the Best with the birth of your son. Cant wait to see his pictures 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Tamsin Jade Makan

    Beautiful 🙂 Congrats cuz these pics are amazingReplyCancel

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