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Emergency Caesarean at Mediclinic Milnerton {Aiden} | Cape Town C-Section Photographer

You might not want to watch without a tissue near by. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! A bit of back story: Mom battled many rounds of pre-term labour and lives with multiple sclerosis. When Aiden’s birth day came, there were complications with her blood pressure and his heart rate so she needed an emergency c-section. Although I made it to the hospital within 35 min of getting the call, by the time I arrived, she was already in theater and I wasn’t allowed in. But I gained access to recovery and put in some of their personal phone photos of their time in theater. Even though the actual moment of birth wasn’t captured, birth photography is about telling the story of the arrival of your child’s life. I was able to still tell his story and capture their day.

The pride and joy of this whole family over meeting Aiden left me so emotional. To start off life that loved by so many people, everyone so overjoyed that you are finally here, its just emotional. Also notice how many times this mom is touched, kissed, and shown affection. She wasn’t overlooked either! 

C-Section births can be beautiful as well. For this mom she describes it as perfect. Speaking of that, go read her blog post on her pregnancy and the birth through her eyes. Its a riveting read. His birth story was also featured in Your Pregnancy magazine.

Then when you are done, see Aiden’s dedication ceremony & celebration.

Mom, who is also a professional photographer herself, had this to say about hiring me:

Michelle Lategan

Next we complete Aiden’s arrival story with his dedication ceremony and celebration. Come see.


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