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Wasn’t it just yesterday that Emma was only a few hours new? It sure feels like it. Wow, the baby year flew!

What an honour it has been to follow this 12-month journey: one that forever captured growth, parenthood, joy, love and life. Life in both its spectacular splendor and its everyday monotony. I think the monotony – the small, seemingly insignificant details – of parenthood is what we forget most easily, but what we really miss when its gone… It all flies by in such a blur. Before you know it, your little one is not so little anymore. You try to wrap up their little body in your arms, and struggle to hold onto a wriggling, leggy toddler that just wants to run and discover and fly away. And so you’re left wishing that you spent more time taking in the monotony. Burning into memory every single moment of their littleness; their wide-eyed innocence; your own journey of attempting-to-parent.

All we can hope for is to learn from the fleetingly swift past, and take a moment now and then to pause during this crazy rat-race, and really take in the monotony.

We went back to where her parents did their maternity session. How much changed since then. They high fived to keeping her alive a full year and we got some gorgeous sunrise portraits. Then we finished off at home as we have done for all her sessions. Their package includes a stunning heirloom album where this will all be chronicled in one place to look through. Boom, done, her baby yearbook ready without years of regret wishing it would have gotten done.

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You can book your pregnant to parent package with me and we can chronicle your baby’s first year. Just inquire here. I would be honoured.


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If you are one of my loyal followers, you would have seen Emma grow up before your eyes, just like I have. There is no doubt that she is a spunky little character! Every time we meet (I have been checking in for a photo session every two months since her birth), it is evident that she has a loving, warm nature with lots of personality! Judging by her tippy-toe walks with the help of Daddy, I have no doubt that soon her parents will have to run around to keep up with her…

In only two short months, she will be one year old, and we have a very special One Year Later Session scheduled for the first anniversary of her birth. Remember – I offer these sessions exclusively to my clients. When planning for the arrival of a baby, we often forget the importance of documenting their journey after their birth. And the first year goes by so quickly… Just ask Emma’s parents!

Please inquire here to find out more as I only take on a handful of these yearlong projects at a time.

For now, share in Emma’s incredible journey:

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Two-Year-Old-Twins! Running free in Kirstenbosch. You can only imagine that they did not run in the same direction. Oh no! This was one of those sessions where my assistant and I sweat in but the end result was stunning. Even their mom was shocked at what we were able to achieve. Their natural expressions and soulful selves now at two. These girls are their parent’s miracles and now fill their lives with so much action.

I included some glances back to their newborn session just for comparison at how much changes in such a short amount of time and why its so important to keep updating your family photos. Nothing marks the fast passing of time like growing children.

Family sessions are exclusively offered to my existing clients only. So if you have (or one day plan to) hired me for your maternity/newborn sessions or birth coverage, I am available onwards to capture your family as it grows. I offer this exclusively to clients because of my limited availability and not the general public because I believe in the chemistry and trust required to get these images. It’s how I roll best. If you would like one of your own, contact me for booking information.

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Hilary and her family came to the Constantia Forest for a mini-maternity session and the result was magic in just 30 minutes. Almost full term and glowing, their love for eachother shines through. Her belly is perfection. And how great are her husband’s shorts? He rocked those with style. I need a pair for my man!

They are proof that love makes family.

Birth packages all include a complimentary mini-maternity session just like this one. Its 30 minutes and so wonderfully quick that you will love it. If you are expecting and I’m fully booked for births or birth photography isn’t quite your thing, you can always book maternity/newborn sessions with me like this one. All of those packages include most gorgeous luxury heirloom album for you to enjoy all your photos of your screen and in your hands. Inquire here.

Enjoy scrolling through their lovely session!

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This is a birth about making peace, and truly sitting in that peace, when Plan A doesn’t happen. Vera and her husband made every preparation for a peaceful natural birth for their son. They researched and chose the right team/hospital. But when their baby simply would not turn from the breech position, despite all attempts, they made peace with Plan B.

It was beautiful to witness how they stayed connected throughout the process. How Vera practiced the same breathing and calming techniques she learned, applying them to keeping her c-section as peaceful as she hoped a vaginal birth could be. And Origin really worked to honour that for them in many ways.

I once heard they saying, “Success isn’t how perfectly we execute Plan A, as it is how we embrace Plan B”. That is exactly what they did. Daniel was born into a loving peaceful environment with parents overjoyed at his arrival. And not detail forgotten.

Scroll through to see their journey.

You might just find a BTS moment where you can see how I stand back and do my thing. Look for it.

My thanks to Daniel’s parents for hiring me and trusting me this day. Shared with their permission as always.

And thank you to the lovely professional staff at Origin who were so accommodating and respectful of the family’s wishes.

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