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Elizabeth Stone once said, “Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” This becomes multiplied when you decide to have two, three, four, or more pieces of your heart walking around.

The decision to have siblings changes a family dynamic in ways that aren’t known until history unfolds. I love capturing their DAY ONE of this unique and mysterious bond. This bond is one that is to share parents and be bound to a person in that love either by blood or adoption or blended families.

As a photographer, I have seen the variety of reactions. From disinterest to elation to tears to jealousy. Neither is right or wrong, they are just initial feelings. They are honest and that honesty translates into the photos.

If you would like me there for the day your baby meets your new baby, Meet The Family Sessions (when these normally happen) are available with my birth packages AND with my maternity/newborn packages. Inquire here for more information.

Enjoy 25 of my favorite images (that I can share) from my collection of documenting children on the day they meet their siblings.


She looks back at her mother as if to acknowledge she knows what this means.

Her status has upgraded to big sister.

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This birth was adrenaline pumping for me over and over again.

I was at a maternity shoot and I get a call from my husband that one of my clients is in labour. He says her name and I thought, “No, you heard wrong, she’s for much later on. You sure it isn’t ____ or ____?” He was sure. My heart sank, it seemed way too early.

I will let her fill you in on the details in a moment.

For me, that whole night and evening I was on high alert. I knew it could be hours, it could be weeks. I woke up and put my scrubs on. Intuition told me, this is happening today. When I got the call to come, I got lucky with no traffic. My first sight upon walking in the door, was of her son crowning! I got to work quietly and efficiently. Years of experience and muscle memory kick in. Most of all I hoped for her sake that she would have a few minutes with him before he was rushed to NICU. That can be so rare for an early baby.

Her story as a first-time mom is so incredible. She walked this out with grace and joy even though she had no idea what to expect. And was facing this after pregnancy loss. I know it will be a riveting read for you and a reminder that birth is so unpredictable. You will also see the beautiful day they finally took their son home after overcoming a long NICU stay. Thank you Justine for sharing your story with us!


The pregnancy and birth of my rainbow baby wasn’t as straightforward as I’d hoped. I struggled with anxiety throughout my pregnancy (having fallen pregnant just 2 months after my miscarriage), developed gestational diabetes, and had a fall at around 7 months. It was likely the result of this fall that found me, two weeks later at around 5PM at my mother-in-law’s home, simply standing up from the bed after a nap and feeling a whoosh as my water broke at 7.5 months. I had wondered before if I’d know when my water broke and while this was early, I knew this was it. In a panic I told hubby what had just happened. He was calm, helping me to get my things and call our midwife before heading to the hospital. After speaking to the midwife we started praying that the baby stayed put. This was NOT part of the birth plan (a midwife-led water birth), but going into premature labour I was classed as high risk and had to be handed over to my gynae. We also called Marysol from the car and promised to keep her updated.

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Chanel is beaming. Her family is growing with a little girl on her way soon. If you missed her her son, Sion’s, birth story… you need to go cry your eyes out and watch. It’s the right thing to do. Here’s a look back at their maternity session with him and his baptism. I love walking a long road with my clients.

Now almost 3 years old, he’s becoming a big brother. We caught up an early Spring morning and had the beach to ourselves to capture their joyful expectancy and life as 3.

I can’t wait to meet their little girl. Both their babies are absolute miracles. Chanel and her story infuses me with hope. She’s lived it. Enjoy some highlights from their session.

Birth packages all include a mini-maternity session like this one complimentary. Its 30 minutes and so wonderfully quick that you will love it. We got this one done in just 27 minutes which is perfect for a toddler. If you are expecting and I’m fully booked for births or birth photography isn’t quite your thing, you can always book maternity/newborn sessions with me like this one. All of those packages include most gorgeous luxury heirloom album for you to enjoy all your photos of your screen and in your hands. Inquire here.


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Their baby girl is here. Their family is now four. I met back up with Tiphaine and her family, this time at home (because newborn sessions are awesome at home). Your space is more incredible and personal for intimate photos than you can see. Her parents were in town so of course they are included. I’m all about the family affair! We even incorporated the dogs… but that was a bit of a crazy haired moment.

Be sure to see their Tokai Forrest maternity session right here if you missed it.

Welcome to the world sweet Allegra who slept her way through most of this session. I still can’t stop thinking about all-that-hair she was born with. Its magic!

Newborn sessions like these include your classic portraits that you might really want to frame and gift to family. But also are lifestyle in focus, getting all the unscripted moments in between and angles that are flattering but not as rigidly posed. You won’t see a baby in an unnatural position in a pot (awesome as that style is, it’s not mine). But you will see all her tiny details and portraits of her natural brand new beauty. Newborn sessions come in a package with a maternity session and a jaw dropping luxury album. Because I believe in printing images and holding them in your hands. Inquire here for more information.

Without further ado, Allegra is home and her brother is already a natural at this new role…

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When I met Gwen, we clicked instantly. I understood her story and where she was coming from. It resonated with me. She’s wanting to share it a year later because it will probably resonate with some of you. If you missed it, start with their beautiful maternity session then come back to work your way through her story. She’s sharing it in her own words.


Their images are raw, poignant, and honest. For a little while there, we weren’t sure if an emergency c-section was needed. But Gwen had her instinct and had assembled a great team around her. You can feel the emotions of this dad (oh-how-fond-I-am of this dad, he makes me choke up with emotion) from trying to get her out the door to not knowing how this birth would turn out to meeting his baby and being surprised it was a boy to the tears. Proving real men do cry. He is a picture of a father fully present and invested in this birth. It was my honour to work with them as a couple and their tender family.


Gwen was assisted by the following team: Angela Wakeford from Birth Options Midwifery Team, Dr. Douglas Dumbrill at Life Vincent Pallotti and Doula Charlene Yared West. My gratitude to them for allowing me to work as another professional on the team. Without futher ado, their story. As always, shared with family permission.