Gorgeous Luxury C-section at Origin Maternity Hospital { Daniel } | Cape Town Birth Photographer

This is a birth about making peace, and truly sitting in that peace, when Plan A doesn’t happen. Vera and her husband made every preparation for a peaceful natural birth for their son. They researched and chose the right team/hospital. But when their baby simply would not turn from the breech position, despite all attempts, they made peace with Plan B.

It was beautiful to witness how they stayed connected throughout the process. How Vera practiced the same breathing and calming techniques she learned, applying them to keeping her c-section as peaceful as she hoped a vaginal birth could be. And Origin really worked to honour that for them in many ways.

I once heard they saying, “Success isn’t how perfectly we execute Plan A, as it is how we embrace Plan B”. That is exactly what they did. Daniel was born into a loving peaceful environment with parents overjoyed at his arrival. And not detail forgotten.

Scroll through to see their journey.

You might just find a BTS moment where you can see how I stand back and do my thing. Look for it.

My thanks to Daniel’s parents for hiring me and trusting me this day. Shared with their permission as always.

And thank you to the lovely professional staff at Origin who were so accommodating and respectful of the family’s wishes.


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