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One year later {Emma} | Cape Town Pregnancy to Parent Photographer

Wasn’t it just yesterday that Emma was only a few hours new? It sure feels like it. Wow, the baby year flew!

What an honour it has been to follow this 12-month journey: one that forever captured growth, parenthood, joy, love and life. Life in both its spectacular splendor and its everyday monotony. I think the monotony – the small, seemingly insignificant details – of parenthood is what we forget most easily, but what we really miss when its gone… It all flies by in such a blur. Before you know it, your little one is not so little anymore. You try to wrap up their little body in your arms, and struggle to hold onto a wriggling, leggy toddler that just wants to run and discover and fly away. And so you’re left wishing that you spent more time taking in the monotony. Burning into memory every single moment of their littleness; their wide-eyed innocence; your own journey of attempting-to-parent.

All we can hope for is to learn from the fleetingly swift past, and take a moment now and then to pause during this crazy rat-race, and really take in the monotony.

We went back to where her parents did their maternity session. How much changed since then. They high fived to keeping her alive a full year and we got some gorgeous sunrise portraits. Then we finished off at home as we have done for all her sessions. Their package includes a stunning heirloom album where this will all be chronicled in one place to look through. Boom, done, her baby yearbook ready without years of regret wishing it would have gotten done.

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