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2 Months Later {Emma} | Cape Town Family Photographer

As a new parent, life can often feel like a really fast rollercoaster ride. But nothing goes by faster and catches you by surprise more than the speedy growth and development of your baby. Blink, and you might just miss it!

Emma’s parents decided that they would like to capture the preciously fleeting moments of their little girl’s first year.  Here she is at just two months new in her gorgeous nursery, kitted out with some really unique decor items from Fable Lifestyle & Baby. When you compare these photos to her newborn session, it’s extraordinary to see how much she has changed in such a short period of time (especially noticeable when she’s lying next to her letter board!). Not only her physical features and size but it’s so clear to see how her personality has blossomed.

Watch this space – I will be visiting Emma every two months for a photo shoot just like this one. Although I do offer a One Year Later Session, as well as coverage for special events like bris, baptisms, birthdays and family sessions exclusively to my birth clients, I must admit that this is the first time that I will have the privilege of so regularly checking in and capturing the growth of a baby. Not only will Emma’s parents be able to relive her early childhood – the childhood that so unexpectedly rushes past without warning – Emma herself will be able to witness the pure love and joy that her parents experienced, even though they were on a wild rollercoaster ride!

Enjoy the beautiful Emma and her parents 2 months NEW.


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