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10 Months Later {Emma} | Cape Town Family Photographer

If you are one of my loyal followers, you would have seen Emma grow up before your eyes, just like I have. There is no doubt that she is a spunky little character! Every time we meet (I have been checking in for a photo session every two months since her birth), it is evident that she has a loving, warm nature with lots of personality! Judging by her tippy-toe walks with the help of Daddy, I have no doubt that soon her parents will have to run around to keep up with her…

In only two short months, she will be one year old, and we have a very special One Year Later Session scheduled for the first anniversary of her birth. Remember – I offer these sessions exclusively to my clients. When planning for the arrival of a baby, we often forget the importance of documenting their journey after their birth. And the first year goes by so quickly… Just ask Emma’s parents!

Please inquire here to find out more as I only take on a handful of these yearlong projects at a time.

For now, share in Emma’s incredible journey:


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