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It takes so much planning, mental energy, tender love, and care to create a home. So many little decisions that no one but you knows about. So many mementos or spaces that are sacred. Ways we enjoy those spaces and create memories as a family is so unique to the seasons we are in. I love at home sessions because it’s your space. There is no other location more intimate or personal as a backdrop for remembering what your family was like in this season.

I can help you choose which room is right for light. We can head outside as well for variety. We can set up some “prompts” as we first talk about what are some of the ways you normally hang out or play together. Some families bake together. Some do legos. Some wrestle on the floor and then read books. Either way, we’ll setup some things for you guys to “do” together. And then I capture all the moments in between that you don’t see or appreciate fully until its imagery that’s artistry. I also work to get some more “frameable portraits” so it’s a well-rounded session.

Family sessions are exclusively offered to my existing clients only. So if you have (or one day plan to) hired me for your maternity/newborn sessions or birth coverage, I am available onwards to capture your family as it grows. I offer this exclusively to clients because of my limited availability and not the general public because I believe in the chemistry and trust required to get these images. It’s how I roll best. If you would like one of your own, contact me for booking information.

I’ve been photographing Nikki’s family since Harper-Rose was in utero. It’s amazing how beautifully she’s grown and is used to me photographing her now. Their lives have changed as each season requires. Gone is the babyhood and now their home is full of play and dress up and cooking and painting together. They wanted to remember this season, at this age with her. Hugs in the kitchen, getting dressed and swims in the pool. Because it’s all so beautiful and fleeting….

Enjoy their beautiful session one Saturday morning as they welcome me in to document their lives at home.


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