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In Celebration of Father’s Day | Cape Town Birth Photographer

In honor of Father’s Day, I will be posting men with their babies all weekend long on my facebook page. Here’s the collection in its entirety. My apologies to your hormones. In a world where so many men bail, those who stay and love their kids should be honored. This young father had a sudden start to parenting and helping his girls thrive.

There will be a thousand times he will hug him, pace the hallway at 2 am with him, and put his arm around him as a young man. This moment is sacred and not to be interrupted. Its the first of many to come.
Meeting his daughter and then introducing her to his sister. Heaven help him the day he has to let either of them go:
To the men who are pillars of stability for their families, we honor you this weekend. We know you are rare:

Not every man cries at a birth. Most are emotional in their own way. But for those that do, I love capturing it. I think to myself, “One day this child will see that the very sight of them being alive brought their father to tears.”

I was thinking yesterday how just a generation ago (and still in many parts of the world) father’s were not allowed to be present for the birth of their children. Now we know its a right he is entitled to, both to be a support for the mother and to bond with his baby. In my opinion, you should have whoever you need/want present at your birth, if its your mom or your sister or your best friend or a doula or your birth photographer. More from this birth here.

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