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Natural Twin Birth At Panorama Mediclinic {James & Alexander} | Cape Town Twin Birth Photographer

This is the story of one mom’s relentless fight to keep her twins in as long as possible. Hospitalized while her husband was overseas at his father’s funeral, she faced potentially delivering while he was gone and very-very premie babies. We quickly did her maternity shoot in hospital. (All my birth packages include a mini-maternity shoot at the location of your choice, this wasn’t really her choice but we made it happen as creativity as possible. The staff were incredible in helping)

Then I was on-call for the next 7.5 weeks as she lived there. Can you imagine? Every few days I marveled that she was still pregnant. Nothing short of a miracle. Through all of this, her hope was still for a vaginal birth if possible. Her doctor (Lourens) was incredibly supportive due to their ideal positioning. This birth story follows their until journey until they brought their boys home. I wasn’t allowed in NICU, so those photos are from the parents camera. I edited & incorporated them in for their story. It was one of the most incredible things I have seen in my career and personally so powerful to be a part of. BE sure to see their newborn session once you are done looking at this birth & homecoming.

All images shared with family permission and as always are work place/family friendly. The parents had this to say about their experience (left: Mother, right: Father) I hear this from lots of fathers!


Charlene-Maternity_42 WEBCharlene Maternity_4Charlene Maternity_38Charlene-Maternity_5 WEB

Untitled-2 WEBBirth of James & Alex_8Birth-of-James-&-Alex_84 WEBBirth-of-James-&-Alex_116 WEBBirth-of-James-&-Alex_124 WEBBirth-of-James-&-Alex_126 WEBBirth-of-James-&-Alex_130 WEBBirth-of-James-&-Alex_152 WEBBirth of James & Alex_140Birth-of-James-&-Alex_156 WEBBirth-of-James-&-Alex_168 WEBBirth-of-James-&-Alex_170 WEBBirth-of-James-&-Alex_184 WEBBirth-of-James-&-Alex_200 WEBBirth-of-James-&-Alex_207 WEBBirth-of-James-&-Alex_208 WEBBirth-of-James-&-Alex_215 WEBBirth-of-James-&-Alex_224 WEBBirth-of-James-&-Alex_250 WEBBirth-of-James-&-Alex_249 WEBBirth of James & Alex_238Birth-of-James-&-Alex_255 WEBBirth-of-James-&-Alex_257 WEBBirth-of-James-&-Alex_258 WEBBirth-of-James-&-Alex_262 WEBBirth-of-James-&-Alex_266 WEBBirth-of-James-&-Alex_278 WEBBirth of James & Alex_282Birth-of-James-&-Alex_292 WEBUntitled-1 WEBBirth of James & Alex_327Birth of James & Alex_340Birth-of-James-&-Alex-(additional)_11 WEBBirth of James & Alex (additional)_4


14 days later….






Before you go, check out their gorgeous newborn session 3 days later.

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