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Gentle Csection at Vincent Pallotti {Gisele} | Cape Town Birth Photographer & Video Storyteller

I’ll never forget Millisa and her husband sharing with me that if it had worked out as they hoped, they would have had many more children by now. Being married five years and longing for a baby, Gisele is this unbelievable gift to them. Their words stuck with me. The history and hopes that are all rolled up in a couple’s story. Your heart joins a couple in that build up and unbelievable moment when this is finally-happening-to-them.

It was really an honour to document for them the birth of their first child. I hope for them many more to come in their love story.

Their birth story can be seen two ways, through film and photos. Its really worth the time to experience both. Even though these are just a fraction of the images they received. Last year I introduced fuller birth films (more video than photos) to the South African market. I’m still offering this at introductory pricing for 2016. My clients who purchase a birth film are loving that they still receive their entire story covered in photos. So they are not compromising one for the other. We can discuss preferences, but you can rest assured you will still have exceptional photos with context and details to remember your day, as well as a film in HD. Its a creative juggling act and post production marathon, but the final product is an heirloom for each client’s family. To discuss your baby’s birth day, contact me here.

I abide by a strict code of conduct that is specific for each hospital, so where my code does not allow me to video with in specific parameters, I am unable to. If you would like this for your family, we would have to discuss hospital specific details and my restrictions. But my aim is to uphold my code of conduct as strictly with film as I do with photos, thus you see no staff faces or actual medical procedures in progress.

With out further ado, enjoy Gisele’s birth story. One she will likely cherish in decades to come. Its an heirloom.

Many thanks to the staff at Life Vincent Pallotti and Dr. Jacky Searle, such professionals and dedicated to their patient’s birth experience.

And to Michelle Lategan from Photos By Mich for assisting this next day coverage of additional family meeting.

Shared with complete family permission, as always.



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