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Why Those Who are Living Through Pregnancy Loss or Infertility are Welcome Here | Cape Town Birth Photographer

I know many of you who follow this blog are waiting for the day when you will become parents. Most of my clients have actually walked difficult roads of waiting, loss, hope deferred, and sorrow. All the more why they want to remember the miracle of finally meeting their baby. I profoundly get it.

I also get inquiries like this all the time. Its just a paragraph, but the story behind what its actually been to walk through this must be volumes worth. As someone who has also lived through pregnancy loss, it always stops me for a second and gives me a lump in my throat to read this.

If you are living through infertility or pregnancy loss, I want to tell you that you are welcome here (if you want to be). We acknowledge you! We hope with you! Thank you for celebrating the births of other babies when you are desperate for your own. That’s not easy, but its beautiful.

Also I want to say that if you have been following for a while and can’t wait to hire me, please contact me early. Yours are the stories I want to tell. Even if you are too scared to hope your pregnancy will make it. For this person, I only have one space open that month even though its really early, because I take a very very limited number of births a year at this point.


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