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If you have followed me for years, you might recognize Tracey as the mom of Parker-Grace. Here’s that birth story. If you are new here, meet Tracey from the Milk Memoirs, one of Cape Town’s best and most keep-it-real bloggers. If you have never read her blog, you are missing out! She is so honest and approachable. You will nod your head in recognition and from time to time snort out laughing. She holds nothing back. Her birth stories are a great place to start if you like reading those. She’s also blogged most of this pregnancy, including the honest emotional process of a gender reveal that didn’t go as hoped with kid expectations. You will enjoy pouring through her blog. It’s one of my favourites.

The goal was to actually post this session before Tracey’s birth. But like all third babies, they tend to be wild cards and surprise everyone. The day I was supposed to post this, wouldn’t you guess it, was the day she went into labour.

So here we go much later than planned. We headed out to Silvermine, braved the cold, and documented their expectancy. Their family of four soon to be five. The light was perfect, the wind held off (unlike the last time), and they brought their beautiful relationships for me to capture. Any kissing moments? Those aren’t directed by me, that’s the girls egging it on! Tracey was capturing it on her phone behind the scenes. It was a blast, and I hope they keep making babies.

That’s one thing that really stood out to me in post production of this shoot. Their daughter’s personalities are vivid and honest and unique to each of them in almost every frame. This is what I love about including children in a maternity session. You are capturing this chapter in the story, and their little bodies and honest faces such a perfect mile-marker. I assure you that Tracey’s blog about this session is even better than my own – go check it out!

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My thanks to Jasmine Selembo for her on-location assistance.



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