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From these shores: Our family portraits Celebrating Ten Years

He’s the South African. And his running joke is “I imported her” (baram-ching). But little known fact, not how history played out. I was actually short term working here 10+ years ago with an NGO. Considering a move here.

Single as can be, he was not even on my radar.

Sitting on a beach one day, out of the blue I felt this almost audible word in my heart. The most rudimentary words I can use is that it was as if the voice of God said to me, “From these shores I will give you family.” I still get goosebumps when I think of it because it was such a defining moment in my life.

I had no idea what critical life chapters awaited. But lo and behold, within a year, this South African man came into my life (while I was in the US no less!) I had already decided to move here and he was in a transition, so he actually “followed me” if you will. He knew I was it for him, so geography was secondary.

Then we adopted a son and had two daughters, all locally. So by marriage, adoption and births, God has graciously given me South African family. All of my kids are dual citizens. I hope to be one day too.

And oddly enough, through my work I document the formation of families, locals and expats to South Africa. So while I am a foreigner in this land, my heart is deeply rooted here both as a business owner and as a wife and mother.

It’s incredible what the last decade has meant for our family. We had no idea how true those words would be for our lives, that from these shores such a beautiful family would come to be about.

Our marriage is deep friendship, real teamwork, tested in suffering, acquainted with forgiveness and robust with joy. I want to capture the essence of all of that after our first decade. I can’t even imagine what our second decade holds.

We commissioned Darren Bester with this celebration of ours. To capture for us the marking of our first decade and he did not disappoint. I wont spam you with every single photo, this is me doing my best to narrow it down to my favorites. I can’t recommend him enough.

He did for me what I can do for others but can’t physically do for myself. I wanted the same caliber of honest breathtaking images of my own family that I know are so important for my clients.

Here’s our family from these shores…



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