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Day-In-The-Life Session {Parker-Grace}| Cape Town Lifestyle Baby Photographer

I’d like to introduce you to a new session I am offering: Day-In-The-Life Sessions.

You. Your baby. Your home. Your family. What life looked like with them at that point in your history together. It can just be mommy & me or your spouse and other children are absolutely welcome too. Parker-Grace’s parents had the whole family there including their dog.

I’ve had so many clients ask me “What about on-going baby and child photos?” I haven’t wanted to become an everything-photographer but I sure do come to love my clients and enjoy seeing their children grow. Watching a baby being born really endears you to that child and their family.

So, I’ve discovered my answer to that while remaining true to my style/speciality and why people hire me. These sessions are relaxed, they are seeing normal life, playing, nursing, getting dressed, etc. Documentary style. We’ll do a couple posed portraits of your child. Then the rest are me following along as you do what you normally do with your child. I will be guiding you towards the right light and positions for beautiful photos. I’ll spend about two hours in your home getting images not only of your child but YOU interacting with them. If you are a proud parent like me, you know your phone is full of their photos but rarely are we IN them except for some selfies. Here’s an opportunity to do that without making it a formal photo shoot.

These sessions are offered exclusively to my clients. The reason being, I want to save time for my primary passion: births. And I think they work so well because we already have a relationship. Its much more relaxed that way. Clients are welcome to book these once off or do them at whatever intervals they would like (big milestones, Holidays or annually). I look forward to watching your families grow.

Here is the beautiful Parker-Grace with her family. I especially love that her parent’s did this for her, as a second child. I am sure that will mean alot to her when she is older. Thank you to this warm family for allowing me in their homes on a Sunday just as nap time was ending.

Oh and if you missed it be sure to see her birth story here. Then head over to mom’s blog (The Milk Memoirs) which is a great resource for breastfeeding support and keeping it real motherhood. She even has helped us find great new kid-friendly spots in Cape Town. I am subscribed and love it.


And this one (below to the right) might just be one of my favorites of real life. Those moments, that’s the beautiful chaos of a toddler, a baby, and a dog. You have to kiss with one eye open. I am sure they will laugh about these years when they are old!


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