Clifton Twin Newborn Session {James & Alexander} | Cape Town Twin Newborn Photographer

If you missed James & Alex’s birth story, you really need to take a moment to see it here or the video will be at the end of this post. Its an incredible story and gives these photos even more of the soul behind them. These are miracle babies and their parents were thrown in the deep end of parenting well before they were born.
Several days after they came home from the NICU, we warmed up their bedroom and went to work photographing them together and then with their parents. So they were about 17 days old here. While that would not be recommended for a full term baby, it works great for premies with an adjusted age. For full term babies under 10 days old is ideal for this sleepy of a look, but really there’s never a bad time to take photos of your tiny baby. This session typically takes about two hours.
To James & Alex’s parents, thank you for entrusting me with your newborn memories. May you always love these photos, especially once they are grown men.

Untitled-12 WEBJames-&-AlexJames-&-AlexUntitled-1 WEBJames-&-AlexJames-&-AlexUntitled-3 WEBJames-&-AlexJames-&-AlexJames-&-AlexUntitled-13 WEBJames-&-AlexJames-&-AlexUntitled-2 WEBUntitled-14 WEBJames-&-AlexJames-&-AlexJames-&-AlexJames-&-AlexUntitled-15 WEBUntitled-5 WEBJames-&-AlexUntitled-4 WEBJames-&-AlexJames-&-Alex

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