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Natural Home Birth with Midwife {Elisha Ivan} | Cape Town Birth Photographer

I was welcomed into this beautiful home birth in the Southern suburbs attended by a skilled midwife, Sandy Standish. It was full of laughter, worship music, and a relaxed environment. For this couple, its their second child and the first grandson of the father’s family. The paternal grandparents live overseas and made it in perfect time to meet their grandson and take their granddaughter off for a fun day so mom could focus on the birth. Her birth story was published in Your Pregnancy Magazine and a great read.

The father writes: “Marysol actually arrived before our midwife, and was thrilled at the amount of light in our downstairs room as the day was breaking. As a man, I couldn’t care less, but was indeed grateful for an extra hand to get everything in order for our first home birth. Through all this, Marysol was catching every angle. For my wife, it was great to have this third person be able to record the event and have myself be able to fully focus on her and her needs.”

They loved their photos and here are some they have chosen to share. I only share photos with parent’s permission.Enjoy their story:
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