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3 Months Later {Huxley} | Cape Town Family Photographer

As a birth photographer, I spend a lot of my time watching Life as it begins: playing witness to the very first moments of a little human being’s beginning. It goes without saying that this privilege is something that takes my breath away time and time again. What surprises and delights me just as much, is the vast amount of change that takes place in that little human being within just a few short months following their birth. It’s astounding.

Huxley’s parents made the wise decision to document some of these fleeting moments, by inviting me to visit them every three months for a mini shoot. It feels like he was born just yesterday (Missed it? Here is his Birth Film!)… followed shortly by his newborn shoot, and yet when you look at him now, his growth and development are evident.

Watch this space – before you know it, it will be time to check in with Huxley again for another update. Nothing flies like the baby year!

Enjoy the adorable Huxley – 3 months NEW.


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