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Sun-kissed Llandudno Beach Maternity Session {Lois} | Cape Town Maternity Photographer

They didn’t hire a wedding photographer. But when Lois wanted to hire me for her birth she told me she was so moved by my photos that this became something very important to capture. I was dumbfounded. Normally people who hire me have hired other photographers for big events. But more and more, people for whom photography isn’t as high a priority, birth documentation is becoming important. There is something about the true once in a lifetime emotions that is compelling.

So when I asked her if she still wanted to take advantage of her Complimentary Mini-Maternity session (that’s included in all my birth packages), she was game but said it was something she never thought she would do.

She wanted something that felt natural and authentic to their love.

I knew just what she was talking about.

Enjoy these sun-kissed moments taken in less than half an hour!

Next time I see them, it will be time to meet their baby.

My thanks to Gabrielle Li for her on-location assistance.


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