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When this mom first called me to say she was pregnant again, I was overjoyed for them. Then she asked to hire me again for this birth, and my stomach sank. If you didn’t read the story, I missed her son’s birth because it was too quick. First births rarely are that fast. Seconds are known for being faster. I just didn’t think I could live with myself missing both of them. I actually tried to talk her out of it. But their trust in me to be the one to cover it won in the end. I’m so honoured and happy it did.

This one, I was bound not to miss. Even if it meant sleeping in her hospital room overnight for several hours “just in case”, which I ended up doing. I originally toyed with the idea of camping out on her front lawn, but pesky issues like caring for my own children stopped me. Details.

Her pregnancy was a difficult one. She was hospitalized several times. Before and after birth. Anina was almost a premie. So many complications that are a part of her story of overcoming. Those are hers to recount.

Know that the photos show the emotion, they show the hope, they show the connection, they show the joy of this child’s arrival. What they don’t show is a couple’s full story of what it took to get to that point. Anina’s parents covered her life with prayer and a belief that her life was to be. They stood on that faith.

I invite you to see the video but also work through the photos. They tell the story in a different way. You will notice so many that aren’t even in the film. Even these images are just a selection from many more. When you hire me, you have the benefit of getting essentially a photographer and videographer in one with all my dedication to tell your story in every detail.

To Anina’s parents, thank you for your unfailing trust. I do my best work when that’s there. It was my honour to be a part of this journey once again. What a beautiful four you are.

My thanks to Netcare Blaauwberg and the care providers who wished not to be identified but accommodated my presence that day. As always, birth stories are shared with parental permission.

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