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Happy Holidays from Our Family To Yours

We hope this finds you already in Holiday-mode or wrapping up life so that you can relax a bit over the coming days. Just wanted to wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday season from our family. Since I share so many photos of other families, I thought it would only be right to share some of ours from this year too. Taken by the talented Michaela Copsey, and proof that I believe in continually documenting families (even our own) at every stage. Even though its a hassle to make happen with littles. Its worth it!


Our children, are now 6/6 and 3 years old. Hard to believe we are out of the baby season although our youngest, certainly likes to still milk her baby status for all its worth. The older two, start… gulp… first grade in a few weeks. Nothing like that milestone to alert you to how fast its all flying by. The parenthood-working juggle is real and my continual hope is to give priority to whats most important, even if that means saying no to many worthwhile opportunities.


Its been a fantastic business year, working with so many new and repeat clients. In 2016, 1/3rd of my year were repeat-families, such an incredible thing to continue to see families grow!

Thank you all for your support and kindness this year. I believe for you blessings and health for your families in 2017. For those of you waiting on babies or hoping for babies, that next year will be one of celebration.
Happy Holidays from us,



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