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Relaxed Coffee Shop Day-In-the-Life Session with a Baby {Elzari & Pieter} | Cape Town Lifestyle Photographer

Elzari & Pieter could hardly believe their son was turning 6 months old. Neither could I! It went by so fast! I covered their birth story and they contact me for my exclusive family sessions. They had the actual day off that the turned 6 months old and wanted to spend it as a family, especially getting a shoot done to commemorate it. At first we discussed something outdoors. It had to be relaxed and unique to them, capturing lots of candid and emotive moments.

When rain was imminent and we didn’t want to risk it with a baby, we opted for a trendy local coffee shop, Skinny Legs. They were so accommodating of us to have a window seat and let us do our thing so it didn’t feel awkward.

In this session, you can really appreciate how life as a couple in a coffee shop looks really different with a baby. Its so descriptive of their life at this stage. The start of solids, the new desire to reach for things, but not yet running for the door. His littleness is still evident in contrast to the big world around him. And unlike a phone full of selfies and baby photos, we were able to capture both parents in the frames, showing life right now in Cape Town for them.

Day In The Life Sessions  are exclusive for my clients as I have an ongoing relationship with them. They are not available to the general public. I believe it takes a certain level of trust and report to photograph a family this intimately and my availability is mainly reserved for births. Some book them annually or for milestones. But should you book me for your birth or maternity/newborn portraits, you will always be able to hire me again and again to capture the different stages your family is in as the years go by.

Thank you Elzari & Pieter, always a joy capturing your son.

Enjoy their morning breakfast as a family:





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