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What A Client Said When I Missed Her Birth | Cape Town’s Premier Birth Photographer

Last month I missed my first natural birth, no one even realized she was in active labour (went in for an induction) and I walked in the door with her son on her chest! So-Very-Fast. A first in over 6 years doing this, I was so bummed. I pride myself in being a birth storyteller, not just photographer and wove together for them their birth story. I hope to perhaps one day show you their video. But until then, with permission, I’m sharing this mom’s beautiful testimonial and a photo of the first time dad holds his son. The emotion is palpable. THIS is why birth photography is so important, note the perspective it helped give her. I cried reading this:

“Words fail me… I am going to try. Thank you SO much for telling our story so beautifully. Over the last few weeks I have been telling his birth story and the story/events surrounding over and over. More and more I have been realising how much of the whole process is a bit of a blur. At times I have felt sad and despondent that I was not more aware of what was actually happening…in a way as if I didn’t fully realize the enormity of the moment or emotion of it, and that there are big chunks of my labour that I can’t even remember (pethidine to thank for that!! Haha). Watching the video and looking through the photos absolutely “restored” (for lack of a better word) that for me – even though you didn’t actually catch the before part on camera, it is woven into the story so well. I have also been thinking about what the whole process was like for my husband (poor guys – the focus is really mostly on us), and your photos have such a special way of showing things from his perspective as well. That means so much to both of us. You probably hear this so many times, but thank you for the surprises – the photos that we didn’t even realize you were taking or the moments you captured that we were unaware of. You truly are an artist and so talented at what you do.- heck I believe that what you do is actually a ministry…Thank you for blessing us and for being part of our team. I know our paths will cross again….. With love and great appreciation from all three of us.”




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