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Water Birth: Vaginal Home Birth after Cesarean – HBAC {Jordan} | Cape Town Home Birth Photographer

Cornelia’s story is one that she has chosen to share with women, especially South African women, to encourage them that VBACs (Vaginal Births after Caesarian) are possible and in many cases an unexplored option. Hers was specifically a HBAC (Home Birth after Caesarian). If you missed her family maternity shoot, see it here.
As she was preparing for her birth, she shared with me a personal photo from her first birth and the look of trauma on her face. I barely recognized her. I joined her in supportive hope that this birth would be redemptive. Some c-sections are necessary and lifesaving. Some are well chosen for private reasons and I respect that implicitly. However, some are unnecessary with no choices given, often leaving wounds and deep unanswered questions. For Cornelia, she was determined that this time would be different. She researched, educated herself, and got empowered. Specifically, she took Hypnobirthing Classes with childbirth educator, Nicolette Hadden.
It was such a honour to watch her courage and her focus. While I stayed for the most part unseen, squatting down between a cupboard and the birth pool, when she lifted her son from the water, I came around and shot her face head on. I wanted her to always have that memory of her victory. The pain, the anguish, the healing, the joy and the relief all there in split seconds. Also, its the moment she discovered for herself he was a boy! Photographing gender reveals are one of my favorite moments.
Cornelia was very inspired by Tracey’s birth. And thus, I am thankful to the clients who do choose to share their stories because they help women get an idea of what birth is like, what siblings meeting is like, what a certain hospital or a home environment is like. Many thanks to Cornelia for trusting me to tell her beautiful story through stills and video. May it serve as an inspiration if you are seeking courage. Be sure to see both the video and the photos, as I have included a differing variety in each medium.



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