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All of these babies are just a few hours old.

Most mothers will tell you that even the next day their baby already looks different. Give it a week, and you might already forget what they looked like the first time you saw them. There’s no way to ever get back what they looked like brand new.

Imagine sharing a photo like this by email to family far away or posting it on social networking sites along with your announcement? What if instead of a blurry camera phone shot, this is the first image people see of your baby?

My first-day-of-life and birth packages all include SAME DAY delivery via email of 2-3 high resolution photos perfect for introducing your baby. I’ll get these shots with minimal posing or even touching of your little one. Often they are just held in their father’s arms.


Maybe its not your time to book me yet, but sign up so that when it's your turn, you know where to find me. I send out an exclusive newsletter that's not spammy in the least!

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