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FAQ: Maternity & Newborn Sessions

What is a lifestyle portrait session?

Lifestyle portrait photography is a style of photography that is more relaxed, less formal posing, not in studio producing classic, timeless images. I prefer to shoot either in your home or at outdoor location.

What sessions do you offer?

Maternity, NewbornDay In the Life (exclusive to birth clients only)


What should I wear?

Choose something flattering and that you feel comfortable with. You will want to sit down, be able to move, walk, and feel your best! Layering is a good idea. So is color. You can bring second outfit so we can get a variety of looks. Here’s a pinterest board I keep with ideas.

When is the best time to book maternity photos?

I like to tell my clients “After you pop, but before baby drops”. Meaning, you want to look fully pregnant, but you don’t want to wait til those uncomfortable last weeks. Somewhere between 28 – 37 weeks is best, but really its when YOU feel most glowly and ready.

Where do you do maternity photos?

We can do them in your home and outside or at a location of your choice. I can brainstorm with you for great location ideas depending on the look you want.

Can I get maternity photos without showing my bare belly?

Of course! You are the client. My goal is to make you as comfortable as possible.

If I do show my belly, what about stretch marks?

Part of the cost of professional portrait session is hand editing of every image. I can remove stretch marks or blemishes if you desire. Of I leave them if you would prefer to, as a badge of honor.

What if I’m interested in maternity and another session you offer?

You’re not alone. Most of my clients prefer this. I have great packages to suit what you are looking for.

Can my child(ren) be included in the maternity session?

Yes, of course! They are part of the story.

What is a mini-maternity session?

A mini-maternity session is 30 min, 1 location, 1 outfit, 15 images. Its everything a maternity session would be, just condensed. My mini sessions are only available complimentary to clients that book a birth package. Its a great way for you to document your pregnancy and helps us get to know each other better before the big day.



When’s the best time to do newborn portraits?

To get those gorgeous sleepy, tiny baby shots, you have have a small window of time. It’s best to be done with by 7-10 days old. The earlier the better.

What do I set aside for my baby to wear?

Start off with a simple white vest or baby grow. Then put aside anything you would to have them photographed in: a special outfit, a newborn hat, a hair bow or band, any heirloom pieces, ultrasound photos. I’ll help you decide what will photograph best and we’ll get creative from there. I’m not a big props photographer, but we can incorporate some in a very classic and elegant way.

Where do you do newborn sessions?

In the privacy and comfort of your home. This also enables me to get some relaxed homey shots perhaps on your bed or in the nursery. No need for the hassle of taking your newborn out.

What time of day is best for a newborn session?

Early morning is a great time. There’s better light and babies are not as fussy as later in the day. Its a good idea to feed your baby just before our session. That said, I allow enough time for nappy changes, feedings, settling, that’s all part of working with a newborn.

What will make my newborn’s session run smoothly?

When I arrive I will choose the place in your home that has the best light. We will then need to warm that area up. So please have a heater set aside that I can use. This will help us get those sleepy-semi-naked newborn shots while keeping your baby comfortable.

Any other tips for preparing before my newborn session?

If possible, have your nursery or bedroom straightened up. I would love to get some homey relaxed shots in those rooms with your new baby.

Is there an option for a mini-newborn session?

No. I don’t offer this because newborn sessions take alot more time. We need to make sure the room is warm enough, possibly stop for baby to be fed, changed, or soothed. There’s alot of factors involved that make it unrealistic to do a mini version. I wouldn’t want to short change any of my clients or put any added stress on such a young baby. Newborn sessions are longer and cost a little more, because art with an infant can’t be rushed.

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