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Endorsement-Chris Whyte


“Having Marysol there capturing each precious moment as it unfolded was definitely a great decision. My husband and I differed on how we felt about having someone else involved in such a intimate time but Marysol’s presence was barely noticeable. She managed to capture the feelings and emotions of that day and chronicle them in such a unique way.

I can honestly say that I would regret not having the images or the dvd that she provided us with! I have never felt more in love with my husband than when he held our baby for the first time and thanks to Marysol, I will be able to revisit that moment time and time again.”



Michelle Lategan


Cornelia-Maternity shoot


Wayne & Tarrin


“At first, I had doubts about having my daughter’s birth photographed. Wasn’t this the most intimate moment of my life? How could I let someone else other than my husband intrude on it, worse even with their photo camera! However, all my fears of feeling exposed or self-conscious flew out the window the moment the birth journey began. Throughout the entire process I hardly noticed Marysol’s discrete presence – she just blended right in.

Not only was it so reassuring to have my husband’s full attention to help birth our baby without having to worry about handling a camera to get that desired “meet baby for the first time” shot. The photos also capture those emotional yet fleeting moments of the whole labour and remind me of beautiful aspects that I didn’t notice at the time. They show me and my husband working together to welcome our baby into the world.

We now treasure beautiful memories of our daughter’s and our son’s births. And there is nothing like the fascinated eyes of a big sister looking at the pictures of her own and her brother’s arrival!”




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