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Another new life last week entered the world. She shields her face, clearly understanding her parent’s request for 100% privacy. While I love to share birth stories to empower other women and celebrate life, I’ve got an expansive enough portfolio that I don’t need to share if a family would prefer not too. I have many clients who are drawn to hire me for this reason. Hello little one, it was a privilege to be part of the team that welcomed you to the world!


I know many of you who follow this blog are waiting for the day when you will become parents. Most of my clients have actually walked difficult roads of waiting, loss, hope deferred, and sorrow. All the more why they want to remember the miracle of finally meeting their baby. I profoundly get it.

I also get inquiries like this all the time. Its just a paragraph, but the story behind what its actually been to walk through this must be volumes worth. As someone who has also lived through pregnancy loss, it always stops me for a second and gives me a lump in my throat to read this.

If you are living through infertility or pregnancy loss, I want to tell you that you are welcome here (if you want to be). We acknowledge you! We hope with you! Thank you for celebrating the births of other babies when you are desperate for your own. That’s not easy, but its beautiful.

Also I want to say that if you have been following for a while and can’t wait to hire me, please contact me early. Yours are the stories I want to tell. Even if you are too scared to hope your pregnancy will make it. For this person, I only have one space open that month even though its really early, because I take a very very limited number of births a year at this point.

I’ll never forget Millisa and her husband sharing with me that if it had worked out as they hoped, they would have had many more children by now. Being married five years and longing for a baby, Gisele is this unbelievable gift to them. Their words stuck with me. The history and hopes that are all rolled up in a couple’s story. Your heart joins a couple in that build up and unbelievable moment when this is finally-happening-to-them.

It was really an honour to document for them the birth of their first child. I hope for them many more to come in their love story.

Their birth story can be seen two ways, through film and photos. Its really worth the time to experience both. Even though these are just a fraction of the images they received. Last year I introduced fuller birth films (more video than photos) to the South African market. I’m still offering this at introductory pricing for 2016. My clients who purchase a birth film are loving that they still receive their entire story covered in photos. So they are not compromising one for the other. We can discuss preferences, but you can rest assured you will still have exceptional photos with context and details to remember your day, as well as a film in HD. Its a creative juggling act and post production marathon, but the final product is an heirloom for each client’s family. To discuss your baby’s birth day, contact me here.

I abide by a strict code of conduct that is specific for each hospital, so where my code does not allow me to video with in specific parameters, I am unable to. If you would like this for your family, we would have to discuss hospital specific details and my restrictions. But my aim is to uphold my code of conduct as strictly with film as I do with photos, thus you see no staff faces or actual medical procedures in progress.

With out further ado, enjoy Gisele’s birth story. One she will likely cherish in decades to come. Its an heirloom.

Many thanks to the staff at Life Vincent Pallotti and Dr. Jacky Searle, such professionals and dedicated to their patient’s birth experience.

And to Michelle Lategan from Photos By Mich for assisting this next day coverage of additional family meeting.

Shared with complete family permission, as always.

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If you don’t live in Cape Town, I’m so sorry. I’m sure your city is fantastic. But there is something amazing about the “Mother City”.

This is our city at its finest. Incredible sunsets with the iconic table mountain in the backdrop. Jacquee and her husband are expats. They wanted a session that felt unique to their outdoor active life style and that felt like “Cape Town” since this is where they are having their first child. You never know where in the world you might find yourself in another chapter of your life, why not capture your memories in a way that brings back memories of the city you lived in?

They were so in-love and relaxed, choosing to just have fun with this, a few times I just told them to hang out for a while. The wind was howling so bad, I couldn’t hear what they were talking about anyways. And I would photograph around them. It was epic. The light. Their chemistry. Their trust in me as their photographer even though it always feels a little awkward when you get started. You’ll see, especially if you scroll all the way until sunset, its pure magic.

Full maternity sessions like these are about an hour, multiple wardrobe changes if you’d like, and only available with a newborn combo package. I take on a very limited amount of these since I primarily specialize in births, but if you are interested, contact me for a quote. Otherwise, a mini version is available complimentary with all my birth packages and can always be upgraded upon request.

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I’m back after a refreshing break. Creatively ready to go for a new year of chronicling birth stories. Also feeling completely restored after my car accident, regaining full strength in my shooting arm after alot of therapy. Thank you for your kind concerns and well wishes.

As I begin the year, this image struck me. After a baby had been born, so many phones out to capture a glimpse of her face. In this case, mom was loving having her room full of family and a warm atmosphere. It was full of joy. Some women love this, others feel its too much. It depends on the woman and on the circumstances surrounding the birth. But what happens to all these images? Does mom get them or do they live on other’s phones? Sure they get a photo of the baby, but did they notice how the parents were looking at their new child? And what about when the room goes quiet and she has moments to quietly bond with her baby? What about the mom that smiles for the family but just had a birth experience that was hard and already feels dismissed? These questions lead us to why for many women the need for a professional birth photographer is priority for them.

My commitment this year is not just to be a spectacular storyteller, that should be a given. My commitment is to be an even better birth space protector. To continue to assess what a mother needs whether its a supportive smile and nod, or to stay out of sight, or to capture a moment that will help her heal emotionally, or to stay silent once the crowd has left, or to laugh at her jokes in between contractions so she knows she’s not alone or to perhaps be the only one who said they are proud of her. To remember I am more than her photographer, I am the one on the team that will enable her to never forget this day she will carry always in her heart.