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You may remember this family’s birth story. Now as a family of four with a little walker, they wanted to have family photos that capture who they are in 2016 as a family. When I do family sessions with multiple children, I bring along an assistant to help with the challenges of chasing little ones. We want them to feel comfortable to play and run, I will focus in on them and then give them breaks from the camera by moving on to other segments of your family photos. We aim to do all of this in a relaxed way in under 2 hours.

I believe family sessions should include portraits not just your family, but of each child, your children together, you and your spouse with each child individually, and the often neglected… couple photos! Yes, because your relationship still matters and should be celebrated. By the way… Their couple photos are some of my favorites from this session. These are the photos your children will dig up for milestone anniversaries and their weddings.

Day In The Life Sessions or Outdoor Family Sessions are exclusive for my clients as I have an ongoing relationship with them. I believe it takes a certain level of trust and report to photograph a family this intimately and my availability is mainly reserved for births. Some book them annually or for milestones. But should you book me for your birth or maternity/newborn, you will always be able to hire me again and again to capture the different stages your family is in as the years go by.

Rifqah wanted a beautiful green setting and heart of their family captured. We achieved that together and I look forward to next year’s session. Enjoy just some of their beautiful session:

Thank you to Natalie for her assistance!


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The baby year flies by. The days and especially the nights might be long but the actual year slips by before you know it. Its only in looking back at how tiny they were both at their newborn stage and at their first year that you really realize how fleeting this time is. How details and the memories all matter. You blinked, it happened.

I captured this sweet little one’s maternity, birth, and newborn story. Although they wish to remain more private about their story and names (always an option for any of my clients) they have graciously let me share with you some of their first year family photos. These are called Day In the Life sessions because your phone may be full of photos of your baby, but where are you aside from the selfies? Where are the memories of life at home, maybe a little messy, maybe all the routines, maybe the realest form of what your family was like “back then”. Its a documentary style and I give you pointers on activities that will help facilitate memorable moments. I fully believe these images become more meaningful over the years. When you life no longer looks like that stage and you are full of nostalgia.

I spent this little one’s birthday morning with her parents in their cosy home, full of love and now toddler-equipped capturing life right now.

I’ve included here some images of her newborn session as a reference point. What a difference a year makes?! Right?! Same piercing soulful eyes. Incredible the progression of her precious life unfolding.

Day In The Life Sessions are exclusive for my clients as I have an ongoing relationship with them. I don’t offer them to the general public. So if you hire me for your birth or for a maternity/newborn package, you are then able to hire me again and again for family session. I believe it takes a certain level of trust and report to photograph a family this intimately. I so thank this family for their trust to chronicle their family chapters. Enjoy their images:


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A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society. – Billy Graham

Almost every woman I consult with tells me, “I just want to see the look on his face, I want to have that memory.” What is it about this that affects us so deeply as women? Maybe its because often men don’t express themselves emotionally in words as much, but their faces and reactions often reveal the depths of what they are feeling. This is especially true for older men of earlier generations who are becoming grandfathers and even great-grandfathers!

So I’ve compiled some of my favorite imagery of men on the day they meet their children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren. Some cry, some are stunned, some beam in joy, some are somber taking it all in. I’m just a fly on the wall of the day the meet their new little human. And its images like these that show why fathers shouldn’t be given the task of photographing the day because they are not an outside documenter, they are deeply embedded in the experience.

Overwhelmed with Emotion

His daughter just born seconds ago.

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    Captured moments like these are so special to each family! Thank you for sharing them with all of us; it definitely is a sight we should see more often.ReplyCancel

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    Oh my word! Just had a good cry. Beautiful images. So precious!ReplyCancel

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    I’m in tears lol this was absolutely beautiful! Job well doneReplyCancel

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Gwen & her family were expecting their second child. I joined up with them on Glen Beach in Cape Town, a little beach area I had never discovered before. Everyone is always a little unsure of how a session with a toddler will go especially around dinner time. But this is the best light and I pride myself in working quickly. I appreciated they trusted me to do with this time of day. The photos are never the same in the middle of the day. Their daughter was a dream to work with! As she played, we worked on some of mom’s portraits and candid moments. Then we worked her in with lots of play, movement, and keeping it light. Then my assistant watched her play a bit more while we got couple portraits. I’m a big believer in breaking it up for kids. The authentic, light in their eyes type moments are best achieved if you give them lots of little run off and play time. It may seem as wasted “photoshoot time” but its the exact opposite. The result were beautiful and relaxed family moments.

Mini-maternity sessions are offered complimentary with all my birth packages. Its 30 minutes, quick for the men or the kids (like ripping off a plaster…), one location, and 15 gorgeous high quality images for you to treasure long after you are done being pregnant. Or if I’m fully booked for births, I do offer a select number of maternity/newborn combo packages. Inquire here.

Here’s their beautiful family of 3, soon to be 4, on one of their favourite Cape Town beaches.

You can tell already, they will be fantastic parents of children, plural.

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When Ilze, a respected and talented professional photographer herself, hired me for her birth team, I was delighted to hear she was planning a home birth. I support births of all kinds where women are empowered, respected, and supported be it a natural birth or an elective c-section. Home births are a safe option for many South African women but many think they must be crazy or the minority for considering one. Ilze and I are teaming up to help dispel that notion. With no agenda of pushing a home birth on a woman who wouldn’t want one, but simply to help inform further those who are considering it. We both believe imagery is powerful, so the ability to hear directly from her and see her birth unfold was important.

I asked her 8 of the questions I hear most from women when they first hear about home births and she graciously took the time as new mom to talk us through them.

1) Why did you choose a home birth over a hospital birth?

I chose a home birth because I’ve never viewed giving birth as medical, but rather as something totally natural and normal and something we were born to do.  I also chose a home birth with midwife led care, because I knew I would then be more in control of and respected in how I would like to birth.  And most importantly, I chose a home birth because then I would birth in an environment I know, love and feel safe in, and it would be a place most peaceful to us and our baby.

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