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Misty Beach Session with Wild Waves {Michaela} | Cape Town Lifestyle Maternity Photographer

I’m so excited to show you Michaela’s incredible maternity session. Michaela is a friend of mine who also has assisted me on many of my maternity or newborn shoots. She’s a photographer herself, so getting in front of the camera was a rather eye-opening experience for her. The combo of friend, photographer, and someone who knows all my shooting quirks was… you know, no pressure at all. {biting nails}

She assisted me on a shoot a few years back at this very beach and couldn’t wait to take her own photos here. Its a beautiful little private tucked away spot. Tonight we got the wildest waves.

My favorite part of this session was the natural chemistry between these two. I would just tell them, you two talk and do your thing, I will shoot around you. And the results were stunning. They are both expats, he’s a Brit and she’s a Kiwi, so taking photos in the foreign land they are having their first child in was really important.

Full maternity sessions like these are about an hour, multiple wardrobe changes, and only available with a newborn combo package. You can see their newborn session here shot in their nursery. I take on a very limited amount of these since I primarily specialize in births, but if you are interested, contact me for a quote. Otherwise, a mini version is available complimentary with all my birth packages and can always be upgraded upon request.


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  • […] I joined Kauis’ parents in their nursery for his newborn session. His parents prepared his room as labour of love, painting over the Holidays and making everything themselves. So they really wanted photos here. I tailor a session specific to what each family is uniquely like. This whole room is DIY! Full of little memories, momentos, and meaningful gifts. The sheepskin they sit on is a traditional gift given to babies in New Zealand, which is where Michaela is from. Both parents are from opposite sides of the globe, falling in love in South Africa and bringing home their first child here. If you missed their awesome maternity session, maybe go back quickly and see it first. […]ReplyCancel

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